Stripper Gods can give you an amazing bachelor party whether you have planned half a year in advance or need to make something happen tonight. Please
allow our professional female exotic dancers to create an unforgettable experience.

We have two main options and suggestions when booking one of our female strippers. You can have the ladies dance and entertain your party indoors or even
in a vehicle. Having a female dancer perform on a party bus provides a new twist to the traditional bachelor party. Contact a local limo company and see if they
have party buses available to bring aboard our special guest for your party.

There is one comment that is made by our customers almost after every party every week...They loved the time with the dancer so much they wish they had
more time. Our dancers are of
course very hot, and social and want to ensure that your party is upbeat at all times. Chances are that after your party they have
two or three more parties to attend after yours. We now have unveiled the first and only party option of its kind that will definitely provide you with more

                                                                       Introducing: THE STRIPPER GOD FANTASY DATE
                                                                        What is a Stripper God Fantasy Date?

                                                                       THE STRIPPER GOD FANTASY DATE INCLUDES:
                                                                         1. Minimum 3 hours of entertainment
                                                                         2. Front door service with a Stripper God dressed in upscale attire
                                                                         3. Your choice of legal activities for first 3 hours (at your private residence or public venues)
                                                                                examples include dinner dates, movie dates, night club dancing date,etc…
                                                                         4. Private strip tease party for your guests or personal
                                                                         5. Lap dances
                                                                         6. Non nude pictures to document your night
                                                                         Fantasy Date $600.00 (requires tipping for lap dances)
                                                                         Fantasy Date $850.00 all inclusive (lap dances included no tipping required)

The Stripper God Fantasy Date is the only company offering this outlined service. It’s safe, legal, and you get the most time and entertainment for your dollar.
Who uses The Stripper God Fantasy Date…? Ever wonder who that extra sexy date is next to the famous actor or actress out at dinner or night clubs…
Do you find that you can’t find a real person on the street or on the net who is
visually up to your standards when you need to be seen out in public…

                                                                            TRY IT… THE STRIPPER GOD FANTASY DATE
                                                                                         Call 1.800.788.1785
                                                              To book a dancer for 15min, 30 min, or 1 hour view the price page.
Bachelor Party in Virginia
 Call 1.800.788.1785

         To book a dancer for 15min, 30 min, or 1 hour view the price page
      Mention promo code: SG23 to receive any additional discounts