Baltimore Maryland Female Strippers


Baltimore Maryland Female Strippers

Contact 1.800.788.1785

We guarantee your God will stay an hour as long as everyone is tipping, participating and having fun. If they stay longer there will not be an extra fee.

Remember no company includes the price of lap dances starting at approximately $10 and up, we have two specials including lap dances with no tipping required.

The prices reflects the cost of the performer to travel to your location and perform their main act. Stripper Gods will match any verified price .

  • $160 One Male Stripper (use online booking form and get $20 off)
  • $239 Two Male Strippers (use online booking form and get $20 off)
  • $320 (unlimited lap dances free)plus $20 off with online booking form male or female
  • $180 One Female Stripper (use online booking form and get $20 off)
  • $300 Two Female Strippers
  • $120 for each additional.
  • $320 muscle worship show (1-2 guests)
  • $320 one on one private show (1 guest)
  • $600 The Stripper God Fantasy Date
  • $850The Stripper God Fantasy Date (all inclusive) see below
Strip-O-Gram (15-30 minutes)
  • $120 One Stripper
  • $200 one Stripper (unlimited lap dances included) special
$50.00 fee for confirmed party cancellation!
$70.00 fee for cancellation if dancer arrives at party!


What is a Stripper God Fantasy Date?


1. Minimum 3 hours of entertainment

2. Front door service with a Stripper God dressed in upscale attire

3. Your choice of legal activities for first 3 hours (at your private residence or public venues)

a. examples include dinner dates, movie dates, night club dancing date, museum date, government ball dates,etc…

4. Private strip tease party for your guests or personal

5. Lap dances

6. Non nude pictures to document your night

Fantasy Date $600.00 (requires tipping for lap dances)

Fantasy Date $850.00 all inclusive (lap dances included no tipping required)

The Stripper God Fantasy Date is the only company offering this outlined service. It’s safe, legal, and you get the most time and entertainment for your dollar. Who uses The Stripper God Fantasy Date…? Ever wonder who that extra sexy date is next to the famous actor or actress out at dinner or night clubs…

Do you find that you can’t find a real person on the street or on the net who is

visually up to your standards when you need to be seen out in public…


call 1.800.788.1785



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