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Maria asks…

What are 2 good female cat names?

I need 2 good female cat names! Not names like Kitty or Whiskers! answers:

Well theres lareado, mattaratzi larissa and lerana are some really cute ones

James asks…

My female cat has started being mean to my kitten?

I have 6 cats, and one of them is a 14 week old kitten (named Ava). I also have another female cat (named Sienna) and in the past week, Sienna has become quite mean to Ava. All of my other cats just adore Ava, but just suddenly Sienna has started chasing and attacking poor Ava.

Why is she doing this? answers:

She might be starting to see her as a rival instead of a baby. It will take time for them to readjust and determine which is dominant. After they work it out they should be ok again.

Linda asks…

Im thinking about getting a female cat for the house i have cats outside want one for the house?

I want a indoor female cat what are some female cat names that are cute? answers:

Thats too many cats

Robert asks…

How long does a Female cat’s heat last?

I own an unfixed female cat named Tina. She has been in heat for about a week now and hasn’t shown any signs of stopping. answers:

About a week or 2 but once they stop, they can go back into heat especially if there is a male cat around.

Donald asks…

some female cat names that rhyme with Callie?

I’m about to get a young female calico cat named Callie but i have noticed that almost EVERY calico is named Callie! I do want something rhyming so that she may adjust easier to the new name and recognize that she is being addressed, help? answers:

I second the person who said Sally. Sally would be a great name for a cat.

Sandy asks…

What is the best pair of complementing female cat names?

Just wondering about cat names as my aunt is getting two female kittens and we don’t know what to call them. Two ideas I have are Cinnamon and nutmeg and dandelion and burdock. PLEASE HELP 🙂 answers:

Lilly & Rose
Delilah & Magnolia
Prissy & Missy

Just a suggestion:))

Carol asks…

How do I get my cat to stop peeing in the house?

My cat keeps peeing in the house. It was litterbox trained but it seemed to forget. We have tried everything. The cat, Melvin, didnt before I got another female cat named Soxy. They share a litterbox. answers:

Give him his own litterbox, see if that helps. Is he neutered? Because he could just be showing off, marking his territory

Sandra asks…

How much should I feed my cat?

I just bought a 4-year-old female cat named Nellie from an animal shelter. She is currently 8 pounds and I want to keep it that way. How much should I feed her a day and how often?

PS- I am feeding her Meow Mix brand cat food and she loves it. I am not looking to change the brand either.

Thanks. answers:

You’ll need to find out how many calories are in the food.

How much should cats eat?
This varies. Average cats may eat between 20-30 calories per pound per day. But note that that is IDEAL pounds. Using 25 calories per day for example, an 8 pound cat could eat 200 calories per day. By the same token, a cat who weighs 20 pounds but should weigh 10 could eat 250 calories per day. You multiply the ideal weight by the calories to arrive at that figure. When working toward weight loss, it’s perhaps best to start at the lower end of the scale (20).

How often to feed depends on the cat. Until you know if your cat is an overeater, it’s best to set the amount for the day, then either put it all out at once or feed at set meal times if kitty is a gobbler. Free-feeding is the fastest way to obesity.

You can tune me out now, but I’m going to suggest you feed better. MM is an inferior brand of food. You can do much better. On top of that, dry food is not the best choice for any cat. It doesn’t clean their teeth. Canned is much better.

George asks…

What can I do to help my cat adjust to a new cat that I will be keeping for my friend?

I have a female cat named Marie. She is declawed and spayed. The cat that I am going to be keeping for my friend is a neutered male cat named Nacho. I know they will not get along at first but I was looking for ideas to help them adjust. answers:

I’m going to answer your question with another question which in all likelyhood will cause you to realize the answer to your question:

How do you get poopstains out of a cat? A particularly albino cat. And when I say particularly, I mean partially.

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Jenny asks…

What do you think of male names ending with y?

What do you think of male names ending with y?
Does it sound wimpy/feminine than names not ending with y?

Some examples:
Roy answers:

Many common male names end in Y, so I can’t imagine anyone “deciding” that it is a feminine indicator. In fact, it’s pretty much the opposite attitude when it comes to Y ENDINGS. Unisex or male-names-on-girls often drop the ending Y to give them a more feminine look —- Rilie, Aubrie, Averie, Toni, Terri, etc. Sometimes female names have an Ending Y dropped to make them more “feminine” (although it usually just cutsies them)- Mari, Ami, Lucie, Cindi, etc..

Y’s feminize ONLY when they are NOT at the end of the name ……. Sydney, Madisyn (ew),etc.
Yes, there are a male names with internal Y’s (Hayden, Bryan, Kyle) but we are usually so used to their masculine image, that the Y doesn’t feminize them in the least.

Donald asks…

What are some traditional middle names for the male name Alton?

I’m looking to get some ideas about a good middle name for the male name Alton. I was in love with the name Bryce but it’s sky-rocketed in popularity in the last few years and I don’t want a name that is extremely common.

I love classic names like Michael, John, and Edward but I’m looking for something that is uncommon, preferably something that is traditional (like the name Alton) but isn’t popular. I’ve thought of Ezra and Cary but haven’t had many positive responses about those names.

Thanks! answers:

My first thought upon reading the actual question “What are some traditional middle names for the male name Alton?” was John. I wasn’t quite sure why that was the first thing that popped into my head until I realized it sounds very much like Elton John. 😉

I adore the name Ezra! It’s been on-and-off my favorites list a couple times. For some reason, I seem to often forget about it. But thanks for reminding me. I may just add it back onto my list again. Whenever I’ve asked questions about it I always get a few “Oh, that sounds to feminine!” responses. I just shrug them off. Ezra is a boy’s name, and I think it happens to be extremely handsome as well. 🙂 I’m actually rather unsure as to how I feel about the combination Alton Ezra. It’s certainly not terrible, but I don’t know if I like the overall sound/flow of it.

Now, for some middle name suggestions…

Alton Augustus (if you don’t mind the alliteration)
Alton Balthazar (Balthazar is my #1 guilty pleasure name for a boy)
Alton Bartholomew
Alton Burnell
Alton Eugene
Alton Ezekiel
Alton Frederick
Alton Jethro
Alton Josiah
Alton Julius
Alton Levi
Alton Malachi
Alton Phillip
Alton Theodore

I put them in alphabetizal order so they are easier to look through. I’ll think about this for awhile and edit with more suggestions later. 🙂

Chris asks…

Could you please list as many male names as possible?

I’ve got a list that contains 123 male names, but my partner only likes 1 on the entire list.
I’m looking for any type of male names, so we can hopefully find something that we can both agree on.

Thanks! answers:

Dude you can’t copy and paste, that’s cheating! Ok here we go:


Just some ideas at the top of my head 🙂

William asks…

What sort of a male name sounds about right for an evil character in a book?

I am writing a story and I need a male name that sound evil. The character is a spirit embodied in a human’s body, that the soul was disposed of. He has lived since the beginning of the universe, and since then he has been trying to make the main character belong to him. I hope that’s enough information, thanks! answers:


Sandy asks…

What is a realistic male name similar to chromosome?

What is a realistic male name similar to chromosome? Last name, middle, and first can all b included answers:

Gene Holder

Michael asks…

What are some male names relating to the ocean?

I am writing a Hunger Games fanfiction and I need a male name for my protagonist. It doesn’t necessarily need to directly relate to the word “ocean”. I would love for someone to create unique names (like “Finnick”). I have already used “Kai” as another characters name. Thank you in advance! answers:

Neptune is a big one

Susan asks…

What is the most attractive male name to you?

Girls and guys what are the most attractive male name/names to you? answers:

David, Daniel

Richard asks…

What are good male and female names for a guinea pig?

Anyone that can suggest male or female or unisex names for a guinea pig? So far we have only male names: Bernard, Winston, Einstein, and Abraham. No really stupid names please! We don’t know which gender the guinea pig will be yet. We’ve done all the research. 🙂 answers:

Female names:


Male names:


Hope this helps 🙂

Mary asks…

What is the japanese male name for Killer, Mystery and Secret?

What is the japanese male name for Killer, Mystery and Secret? answers:

There is no name such a strange meanings in Japan.

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Maria asks…

What is an average strippers salary?

***Please leave your sources. ***
Also, do they have to claim their tips? Are they paid hourly also? Or do their tips count for their salary? answers:

Having worked security at several clubs, I’ll tell ya what I saw. Good dancers could make upwards of $1500 a night. Bad ones,, less than $100. Depends on the club, the night, whether or not the girl has any regulars,(guys who only go there to see her.), the music, (a good d.j. Matches the tunes to the crowds mood.). Also, not to be sexist, but the better looking the girl is, obviously, the more cash she makes. Bigger is not always better. I’ve worked in clubs where the girls get a pittance of a wage in addition to tips. I’ve also seen ones where the girl has to pay the bar “rent” for use of the stage. No hourly at all. These are usually the bigger money clubs, so it’s o.k. They also tip the d.j. For a good job, the bouncers for keeping them safe, and the bartenders for getting the guys good and loaded. Then they are supposed to claim a certain percent for the government, although I never knew one that did. The biggest money is in the private dances. 20 to 40 dollars a song, depending on where you are.

William asks…

how much money do strippers make per night when they first start out?

i just want to know because i was thinking about starting. and i just wanted to know their salary. answers:

Don’t listen to Hilary Clinton up there, stripping is a perfectly normal and respectable way to make a living. I would say you can make 800 dollars a night just starting out, as long as you dont have any freaky csection scars.
Note: I know absolutely nothing about stripping other than being at a strip club once for my 21st birthday.

Carol asks…

How much does the average stripper (exotic dancer) get paid a week? if they work 5 days a week?

i just found out that my mom was a stripper and i was wondering how much she used to make. she just died a month ago. thanks answers:

It depends on the area. I once had a customer at my bank who told me she was a stripper and that she made $50K per year. This was much more than I made working as a banker! Also, this was back in 1995 or so, so no telling how much she would be paid now.

$50K translates to $962 per week, not a bad salary if your rent or mortgage isn’t too high. Still, not a job I’d really want to do, though I pass no judgment on those who choose to do it.

John asks…

What is the Best Career change for me without taking a pay cut?

I am a retail manager and I make a flat salary of 30,000/year. I have about 3 years retail experience and I am looking to change careers because I am so sick of managing a retail store. Where can I go without taking a pay cut and maybe even making a few thousand more a year??? answers:

I agree about the car business idea. I don’t think you would be the happiest, with it being kind of a cut throat business and all, but the money is good. When it comes to wanting to be happy with a career change, and make a lot of money, I would definitely consider becoming a male stripper. You kind of have a stripper name already, so it all depends on if you’re stripper material. Also consider male prostitution and real estate.

Daniel asks…

what is it like to be a female stripper?

i’m not talking about the backroom work, i’m asking about what it’s like to be a stripper. honestly, i wouldn’t become one, but i’m totally just curious. from what i know about it, is you dance around more than half naked, use the pole, all that jazz. i’m curious. what are the different shifts like? answers:

There are plenty of pro’s and con’s to being a dancer. Like another person mentioned, dancing has changed immensely since the 90’s. My mom danced in the 80s and 90s for about 10 years. Back then they danced on boxes and the men couldn’t touch them. It was a lot more classy. I’m a dancer now – been dancing for about a year.

I’ve danced at several clubs and each differs, but the same general principles apply – you do stage sets and when you’re not on stage you can do pretty much whatever you want. It pays off to be a good dancer and know pole tricks, but you don’t HAVE to. I’ve mastered the art of pole-dancing because it’s fun and it attracts attention on stage.

The typical shift goes like this: I get to work and once I’m in the locker room I take however long I need to do my hair and makeup, to eat so I’m prepared for my shift, to get dressed, etc. Once I’m all dolled up and ready, I go out onto the floor. Sometimes I’ll have to go right up on stage. If not, I’ll either have a shift drink or walk around and start talking to customers. There are rules at every club, but I’m kind of like my own boss. I determine who I sit with and how much money I make. I won’t get yelled at for being lazy, like in a normal job, but I also choose not to be lazy so I earn more.

Dancing can be fun and profitable, but you must know your limits and stick to them. Both clubs I work at serve alcohol – I never have to pay for my own drink, it’s always offered. But if I accepted every single drink offer I got, I’d be getting wasted every night. And some girls do get wasted every night because they can’t say no. If you’re a little tipsy that can help you be less shy and more assertive, but when you’re sloppy drunk you won’t make as much money and you might lose the money you do make. Don’t get wasted on the job (and if you do, tell a dancer that you trust so she can look out for you).

I usually work nights because I’m a student. Nights are typically busier, but day-shift’s clientele is good because there are more business-men/older guys. Dayshifts are more relaxed, but when there are 15 dancers on shift and only three customers, it can seem like shark tank. Some clubs have good day shifts though. In other clubs, it’s best not to work days until you’ve accumulated some regulars. But what I’ve found is that the quantity of customers doesn’t matter, it’s the quality of the customer. Dancing has been very beneficial to me, and can be to any dancer who’s working her way through school. My agent’s lawyer came in, we chatted, and when he found out I’m going to school for Business Law he gave me his card, offered to take me out to lunch, show me his law firm, and hire me for resume’ experience. Awesome, right? I’ve also had offers to be an auto show model (lost the guy’s business card, shame on me), etc. One of my regulars is an oral surgeon and when I told him I need all my wisdom teeth pulled he offered to do it for free, which is going to end up saving me hundreds.

That’s the thing – respectful customers will respect YOU and appreciate you. They love seeing dancers being successful and going to school. If your regulars are making a very good salary, you will get gifts. If you a land a very rich customer, he might even get you a car. It doesn’t sound very realistic, but it happens, because it happened to me. Dancing is wonderful because at most clubs you pick your own schedule. At the clubs I dance at, I come in whenever I want to. One of them I haven’t been to in three weeks, and I can show up tomorrow and work as if I was never gone at all.

People will judge you. I still haven’t told my dad I dance and I’ve been dancing for a year. My mom knows. My friends know. People will be jealous of you, that’s just how it goes. Also, you WILL get sick of many of the girls you work with. Many of them are catty, annoying, and/or love drama. Learn to ignore them. I don’t deal with their drama. You also must have good self-esteem going into dancing, because you will get rejected by customers. It happens all the time, for many reasons, even to the prettiest girls. For every guy who says “no” to wanting a dance or wanting company, there are plenty of customers who will say yes and spend hundreds of dollars on you. Know your limits, because they will be constantly pushed. If you start doing pole tricks, as fun as it may be, you will get bruises on your legs from it (especially in the beginning). Your body will be sore a lot, but you’ll be in great shape. I do lots of pole tricks and consequently have muscles and perfectly flat stomach to prove it. Walking for hours in your stipper heels helps the physique too.

Need to know anymore? Email me.

George asks…

Should a teacher that has a summer jobs as a stripper be fired?

In my town a high school teacher was fired for taking a summer job as a stripper. She is in her late thirties/early forties. She makes $80,000 per year but claimed she took the job because she was going to lose her home over financial problems.

Thoughts??? answers:

Hmm. Well I can see her point of view… What the teacher does outside of school isn’t really the school’s business. I mean, as long as she isn’t hurting anyone..

But I also can see the school’s point of view. Being a ‘stripper’ represents not having a very high moral standard, and they don’t want their students to be influenced. Parents would freak out if they ever found out that their kids have to spend a couple of hours a day with a stripper. And it’s high school we’re talking about. It’s hard enough disciplining them, it’ll be even harder when you have the label “stripper” attached to your name!

And plus, $80,000 is a solid salary… Although she could be a single parents to four kids and a dog, so hey we never know.

Bottom line – she’s in an even bigger financial situation now, so hopefully she’ll learn from this and either wear a mask or get a “decent” job. 😛 I feel bad for her though.

Sandy asks…

How can I get more money when Im at the strip club working?

I work Friday and Saturday nights and I get the most money out all the other strippers. But thats still not even enough, how can I get more money for my DD breasts plastic surgery next month? answers:

It’s hard to say if I don’t know what you are doing right now to make money and how you can improve.

When I upped my salary, I just stayed on the floor the WHOLE night constantly asking EVERY person for dances..and I got better at giving lap dances by being more sensual and grinding more provacuatively-it made my customers get even more dances.
I went from making 400 to 800 just by doing this…

Or maybe fly to Vegas, I hear the customers throw you tons of money on stage and it’s easier to get guys in the VIP because theres so many of them, and I also heard that you odn’t have to waste time sitting and talking to the customers before you make your pitch..since theres more guys.

Lisa asks…

I am considering going to Osaka, Japan to strip. Does anyone know how much US dollars a girl on average makes?

I would like some recent on average answers because stripper cash was different 3 years ago compared to the present time. answers:

I guess you can earn around 2,000 dollars per a month.

But I suggest that you come to Tokyo,because the salary average in Tokyo is quite higher than that in Osaka.

If you need some my help,contact me.

James asks…

What comes to mind when you think of a stripper?

I’m just curious of the perception people might have when it comes to strippers or “Exotic Entertainers” What is the general idea that people have about them.

Please be very honest. Thanx answers:

I was in the business for 6 years, so my perception being on the inside will probably be different from those who have never done it. There are a lot of drug addicts, alcoholics and prostitutes in the clubs. But, there are also a lot of hard working single mothers who dance to make quick cash to provide a better life for themselves and their kid(s). I for one did it, paid all my bills, didn’t have to get any student loans and now I have a great job making almost a 6 figure salary. It is a very hard and draining business to be in and most girls get sucked into the quick money and drugs and never make anything of themselves.

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Mandy asks…

Where can I watch the Los Angeles Clippers game online for free?

Where can I watch the Los Angeles Clippers game online for free and get no viruses? doesnt have it on there and website doent work, is there any other websites? answers:



Maria asks…

what is the number font of the new los angeles clippers jersey?

where can i download a number font of the los angeles clippers‘ current jersey? answers:


Laura asks…

In your lifetime, do you see the Los Angeles Clippers winning the NBA Championship? Why or why not?

The Los Angeles Clippers have been around for over 25 years now and play in the same arena (Staples Center) as the Los Angeles Lakers. While the Clippers have never won the division title, they have made the playoffs four times since 1992. While the Clippers are not like the Lakers who have won the NBA Championship seven times since the Clippers have been an NBA team, the Clippers have never played or won the NBA Championship.

In your lifetime, do you see the Los Angeles Clippers winning the NBA Championship? Why or why not? answers:

Anything is possible…the nba is a league of surprise…alot fo factors can play into who wins a championship…as of now the clippers are a LONNGGG way from it…but you never know

Jenny asks…

Can anybody beat the Los Angeles Clippers?

Not even the Miami Heat can beat them, and it looks like they’re about to blow out the Boston Celtics as well. Can anybody stop this Los Angeles Clippers team? I don’t even like the Clippers but they’re a scary deadly good team. answers:

Lakers could win against them. Go Lakers!!!

Mary asks…

Los Angeles Clippers or Detroit Lions, which sports franchise is the worst ever?

the worst in the NBA for those who watch basketball

and the worst in the NFL for those who watch football

Which franchise is the worst of all-time, the Los Angeles Clippers or the Detroit Lions? answers:

I think both franchises are pretty horrible.

The Los Angeles Clippers have been one of the worst franchises to play in the NBA. The Clippers have played for years in the shadow of the Los Angeles Lakers. The Clippers first year was in 1971 and over the years have amassed a winning percentage of only 36%. They were formerly known as the San Diego Clippers, and the Buffalo Braves. Having won 1133 games and lost 1974 the Clippers have put together one of the worst teams year after year regardless of whether they were in L.A. Or not. The Clippers have never won an NBA championship and have only made 7 playoff appearances

As for the Lions, well we all know they went 0-16.
However one thing stands out to me. The Lions actually have more playoff appearances in the playoffs than the Clippers do.
The Lions have 14 appearances with a 7-10 record.

As I said both franchise are in bad shape, but overall the Clippers are a worse franchise simply because they have never had a 50+ win season, they only have 7 playoff appearances in their 30+ year old franchise. The Lions have at least more playoff wins.

Sandra asks…

Los Angeles Clippers or Detroit Lions, which sports franchise is the worst ever?

the worst in the NBA for those who watch basketball

and the worst in the NFL for those who watch football

Which franchise is the worst of all-time, the Los Angeles Clippers or the Detroit Lions? answers:

Lions at least Clippers never end a season as the worst team of all time

Lizzie asks…

What eight teams will make the playoffs in the Western Conference?

What do you think? Also do the seeding/ standings.

I think:

1. Oklahoma City Thunder
2. San Antonio Spurs
3. Los Angeles Clippers
4. Memphis Grizzlies
5. Los Angeles Lakers- Once they get their chemistry going with Nash and the entire team together, I think they will leap Golden State. The current standings aren’t set and stone. There’s around 50 something games left, and LA is just 5 games back.
6. Dallas Mavericks- Dirk just came back. Once he returns to his normal self, I think they will leap Golden state also. They are just 6 games back and again, there is 50 something games left. No team with Dirk will miss the playoffs despite what some think.
7. Golden State Warriors
8. Houston Rockets
@ Warriors: The supporting cast was much weaker. And Dirk was hurt majority of the season, and never got the knee surgery. Supporting cast players were more injury prone on that team as well. answers:

1.) Oklahoma City Thunder(Pretty standard position, they are slightly worse than the Heat)

2.) San Antonio Spurs(I was considering putting the Clippers as a surprise at 2, but the Spurs are just too consistent when it comes to winning in bunches. I just think the Clippers have a team thats prone to break down eventually later in the season.

3.) Los Angeles Clippers-14 in a row and counting.

4.) Memphis Grizzles-They haven’t played in many of those 5 games in 7 days kinda thingys. Each time I look at the standings they have like 4 less games played than average. But they are as solid as any team. Gonna make things tough for whoever they face in the playoffs.

5.) Los Angles Lakers- Nash will right this ship. And trading Gasol might bring in some surprise help during the midseason. But they have stumbled so much out of the gate, they aren’t gonna finish ahead of any of the other top 4 teams mentioned.

6.) Houston Rockets-I think Harden and Lin is going to build more and more chemistry. Harden is a proven winner. He’s gonna lead this team to a lot of wins down the stretch.

7.) Golden State Warriors-Surprise team of 2012-2013 considering Rush and Bogut are both hurt. Landry and Jack both fighting for the 6th man of the year award. This team have won so many close games this year, the same games they would fumble away in previous seasons.

8.) Dallas Mavericks-I think Dirk is going to turn this team around, but hes not going to be a big enough factor to move them any further in the standings. Remember the Mavs were only 36-30 last season and Dirk played 62 games. This year they just don’t have the veteran guards. Mayo is having a great year and shooting like 48% from 3 point territory, but thats not gonna last. Dallas might finish with 46 wins and make it. Dirk will WILL this team to wins down the stretch.

Robert asks…

What do you think will be the final western conference standings?

My opinion:

1. San Antonio Spurs
2. Oklahoma City Thunder
3. Memphis Grizzlies
4. Los Angeles Lakers
5. Los Angeles Clippers
6. Dallas Mavericks- Should be a tough out when Nowitzki returns.
7. Minnesota Timberwolves
8. Denver Nuggets

BQ: If you want, you can advance each playoff round until you get a winner in the west, just as a prediction. answers:

1. Thunder
2. Spurs
3. Grizzlies.
4. Clippers
5. Lakers
6. Mavericks
7. Nuggets
8. Warriors

Number 4,5,6,7,8 are all questionable. It could be mixed around, but I don’t see another team in the West that can make it to my list.

Thomas asks…

Will the NBA eliminate some losing teams in order to stabilize the profit margin?

To create a level playing field or court, the NBA may cut salaries by 30% and eliminate some losing teams. Will the Los Angeles Clippers be eliminated? What will happen if we have a lock-out in the NBA?
Can they really do it? Do you have a team that may be eliminated?
Do you want Kobe to take a pay cut?
Who else would you cut? answers:

None of that will ever happen..

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Richard asks…

What are your favorite ideal female names?

I like uncommon female names. I just wanted to see what unique names to you like, and not just by general population.

Do you know anyone whose name is Arabelle or Lalaine? What are Nomi or Aina? Or Kourtney or Verena? I bet these are uncommon names. answers:

I know 3 Kourtney’s and 1 Arabelle, well actually Arabella. Those are really nice names. I remember a Lalaine from the Disney show Lizzie McGuire. Lalaine was the girl who played Lizzie’s best friend. Lalaine is her name in real life. I LOVE that name! Aina, Kourtney, Arabelle, and Nomi are really pretty too! And Verena is pretty nice. Some unique names that I like are…

Rhiannalyn (rEE-aw-nuh-lyn)
Rhiannon (rEE-on-in)
Lorelei (lor-uh-lAy)
Leilani (lAy-law-nEE)
Leotie (lE-O-tEE)
Tanzy (tan-zee)
Ainsley (Ainz-lee)
Raina (ray-nuh)
Faylen (fAy-lyn)
Meziah (meh-zEE-uh)
Katijah (kuh-ti-juh)
Tabitha (my name)
Farrah (my sister’s name)
Raichelle (Rachel)
Odette (O-det)
Kalex (kay-lix)
Mirage (mer-ahzh) like in the desert
Ariela (air-E-yell-uh)

I LOVE those names! I’m really hoping for triplet girls and if I do, I’d name them…

Rainer Teegan Rosalie
Lorelei Leilani Rayen
Jasper Rhiannanlyn Wednesday or Jasper Peyton Melrsoe

I hope I helped! Good luck and best wishes!


Robert asks…

What are female names that make the J sound but start with a G?

What are female names that make the J sound but start with a G? I can only think of Genevieve, Georgina, and Georgiana. Can you think of any others? answers:


Helen asks…

What are female names that have a more masculine nickname?

What are some female names that have a more masculine nickname? Like for example, Harleen and a nickname of Harley, or Joanna and a nickname of Jo. answers:

Good question! When I was little I was a real tomboy, and wished I could have a “boyish” nickname! Here are some suggestions:

Georgia – George

Nicole – Nic

Andreya – Andie

Christina / Kristin – Chris / Kris

Danielle – Dani / Dan

Frances – Frankie / Frank

Harriet – Harrie

Jacqueline – Jack

Samantha – Sam

Thomasina – Tom

Willow – Will

Hope this helps!

William asks…

Where can I find Feudal Japanese family names and both male and female names?

Where can I find Feudal Japanese family names and both male and female names?
I’m working on writing a novel at the moment. It involves the story of Agemaki and Sukeroku. Mainly, I’m looking for common family names of that time. I also need common geisha names and common male names. Actually, I would appreciate common non-geisha women names as well. A list, a link, anything would really help.

Is there someone out there that can help me? It would be greatly appreciated! answers:

I watch this Cartoon Inuyasha and they have very unique feudal era Japanese names… Like Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Naraku Look it up.

Nancy asks…

How are the names of various cyclones kept like Katrina, Nargis and Rita etc? Why are these female names only?

KAtrina and Rita are christian names while Nargis is muslim name, all the names are female names. answers:

Anything that reaches Tropical Storm size or bigger is named from a pre-set list devised by some major meteorological organization or another. There are like 5 or 6 different lists and they use one each year. Each list has one name from each letter of the alphabet (minus unusual naming letters like “x”, etc.) and as the list goes down, they alternate between traditionally considered “female” and “male” names–so if you happen to only remember a few storms with female names, it’s just coincidence, because statistically speaking there are an equal number of male and female named storms. Each year alternates between having the list start with a female name or a male name with “A”, etc…

Lizzie asks…

What are some evil and good female names?

I’m needing a few evil female names for a story I’m writing. I want to make this story using evil names and some good names to. The evil names being evil and the good names being for the good ones. answers:

Agata — “Virtuous, Good”
Daria — “Upholder of the Good”
Edolie — “Noble, Good”
Fayola — “Good fortune walks with honor”
Hazina — “Good”
Tova / Tovah — “Good”
Evangeline / Vangie — “Messenger of Good News”

Amaya / Amya — “Night Rain”
Braith — “Black and White”
Ceara / Ciara — “Black”
Daray — “Dark”
Darcie — “Of the Dark”
Guadalupe — “River of Black Stones”
Inali — “Black Fox”
Keeran — “Little Dark One”
Kiara — “Dark”
Layla — “Night, black”
Lilith — “Of the Night”
Medea — “Cunning”
Melanie — “Black, dark”
Melinda — “Dark and Beautiful”
Merel — “Blackbird”
Nyx — “Night”
Tamesis — “Dark One”

Jenny asks…

What are some pretty female names with meaning?

What are some pretty female names that have a cool meaning? Please give the name and the meaning. answers:

Tessa Celina- harvester moon

Steven asks…

What are some really pretty and unique female names?

Give me some nice, unique, and preferably artistic female names to my dear little twin cousins that were just born yesterday. Thank you!
I mean yesterday but they were born actually this morning and their parents are still deciding. Thank you for your comprehension? answers:

Quinn, Heather, Juliet/Juliette, Artist (Artie), Jada, Luna, October, Balee (Not Bailey, Balee), Evangeline, Starla, Eva/Ava (Both pronounced Ava), and Lorel/Lorie.

Hope I helped!

Sharon asks…

What CHARACTERISTICS do you associate with these FEMALE NAMES ?

For example:
JAMIE: Hot. Because all the Jamie’s I know are very hot & gorgeous

CHARLOTTE: Snobby ( no offense ) but I pictured a snobby “old” aristocratic woman

ELIZABETH: Smart. I don’t know why but I pictured this characteristic


Awesome, my name is Jamie…

Jennifer: Nurses because there are a whole bunch of jennifers in my nursing classes.
Kayla: short, and blond…and a little ditzy.
Rose: classy and pretty, sophisticated
Brianna: talkative, lots of drama.

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Helen asks…

Looking for a fun Girl Night Out in Las Vegas ages 25+. Any fun suggestions on things to do?

I have a friend getting married next month and the girls are going out for a weekend before her wedding to Las Vegas. We are staying in the Planet Hollywood hotel and we want to know some fun things to do while we are there. I saw on one site there was Stripper 101 class offered but I can not find that anymore. Any suggestions on fun things to do with a group of 6 women? answers:

Go to the Rio and see the Chippendales. You could rent a limo and ride the Strip first. Have a few drinks in the limo, stop at various casinos for the fun of getting in and out of the limo with a lot of people watching you, wondering who you are, if anybody, and end up at the Rio for the Chippendale show. Be sure to get up close and tell the guys that your friend is a bride to be.

Or do it in reverse, after playing in the afternoon, (shopping, slots, spa treatments) take a cab over to the Rio. Eat at the fabulous seafood buffet, (not the Carnival World buffet which is mediocre). See the Chippendales. Showtime is 8:00pm and cost is $39.95 and $49.95. Get the more expensive one cuz they are closer. Try to get in front row. Tell the guys who is the bride to be, or better yet, have her wear a tiara and veil. It’ll be a blast. After the show, have the limo waiting for you. Be sure to stop asap at a liquor store and stock the limo and have the driver cruise the Strip for a couple of hours. You can stop at a couple casinos just for the fun of getting out and then back into the limo with a bunch of people watching, thinking you’re celebs. Then finally have the limo drop you back at the Planet Hollywood Hotel.

Donald asks…

Are you sick and tired of Kyla Ebberts, the Hooters girl that wore skimpy clothing on Southwest?

I’m sick of these people who think they can wear whatever they want? This chick expects us to have sympathy for her, even though she dressed like a total stripper on a flight. Why are we even paying any attention to her? She is total trashing whoring for her 15 minutes of fame.

FYI: What you see on TV is how she dressed AFTER she was forced to modify her dress. Read the news story carefully. answers:

Yea, I think it’s pretty clear that the way that she’s dressed when she took pictures is in no way the way she was dressed when she was asked to change. That’s Common Sense 101 right there. She’s a blonde white girl who is decent looking and thin, so yes she’s going to get her 15 min’s… It’ll be over soon but not before she gets a role in some B movie as Bimbo #3.

I personally don’t have a problem with the altered outfit she was wearing. That’s why I know that she didn’t get thrown off for being dressed that way. Nothing is wrong with sexy, but I guess we will all disagree on what is sexy these days. For me, leaving a bit to the imagination is always sexier than just having it all out there.

Steven asks…

Where can i take stripper 101 in southern Cali?

I know they have it in Vegas but thats to far.. and no im not a stripper and don’t have any plans to be one but i’ve seen on tv that its a great workout and helps build muscle. Plus im a dancer and i like trying different things 🙂 and maybe it’ll impress a guy one day 😉

thanks so much! <33 answers:

I would suggest my house, but that would be rude… Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself! Good luck with it.

Donna asks…

What did Dave Ryan say about Fridley High School Dance Team last week?

I heard Cartman apologize on a “commericial” on KDWB 101.3 over the weekend. I was wondering what Dave Ryan or the Morning Show said on Friday. answers:

He said that the Fridley Dance Team danced like strippers and that they had a stripper pole in there gym.

Laura asks…

Would u rather ur partner take a stripper 101 class or learn how to cook?

GUYS and GIRLS answer! answers:

I can do the cooking, so…. *wink wink*

HEY! Why aren’t we connected on this account, ho?

Cheers =)

Thomas asks…

What do stripper poles, fresh homemade tortillas and a little tokey toke toke have in common?

think hard people, this ain’t answers 101…. answers:

Your lunch? Lucky b@st@rd.

Ruth asks…

how can i become a porn star or stripper?

I live in so cal and i’m 20 years old with big boobs lol. i know it’s not the best job in the world. I am going to college right now. I just want some more money and it’s a job i have wanted to do for a very long time. so what do i have to do? where should i go to get in? I don’t want to go on craigslist to find thing but should I ? answers:

FIRST make 100% sure this is something you want to do. Once you have done porn it is ALWAYS out there and it never goes away. People WILL find out that you do it. If you are ok with all of that then go for it. Visit and view their porn 101 and 102 videos. They will tell you about all required testing and everything else you need to know about the business. Both the good and the bad. You can also start your own fee based website with photos and videos on it. If you do your own site you will have to handle your own billing,bandwidth,marketing,design and everything in between.

LA Direct Models
3599 Cahuenga Blvd West – Suite 4D
Los Angeles, CA 90068
Tel: 323 – 850 – 5888
Fax: 323 – 850 – 5855

LA Models Direct is by far the top adult agency in the business. They represent the biggest names in porn. You can also contact them and have your questions answered.

You can also shoot your own videos and submit them to a company like where they pay you up to $20 a minute for your videos (if they are accepted of course)

Good luck. The porn industry can be a great business if you use it right and don’t let it use you.

Charles asks…

What is the sexiest show to see in Vegas? For a couple?

I’ve heard “Zumanity” was the show to beat BUT it’s not running on the week I am planning on head out there…Looking for something naughty and fun to get us into the “Sin City” mood. answers:

Stripper 101 at the Aladdin

Lisa asks…

What is the best method for painting my old road bike?

I painted this bike before using spray paint. The results came out good, but I feel like I could have done a better job. I’m tired of this color, and this time around I want my bike to look amazing.

Can someone walk me through the entire process from start to finish so I may do an outstanding job this time? Any help is greatly appreciated! answers:

You are using an old road bike right so try to pain the tube with different color than the other thing, i like a combination between dark olive green with gold yellow or silver with brown. After painting it, try to apply some stickers to it, it will make the bike a lot better.
First strip the components off then sand the old colour by using sand paper or paint stripper, it will review the metal frame, there is a time i actually just put a layer of clear coat on the metal frame and it look pretty cool. If you do that i will have a section later to design clear coat metal frame.
Secondly, paint the main color, if you chose green tube gold connection(i don’t know what they called but you know the section where they connect the tube right?), you slightly paint it with green.

When you have finished it, get some old newspaper and wrap the tube, this will prevent the gold colour from spatting in the unwanted area, use the paper tape(the creme colour paper tape or whatever king of tape which allow you to easily strip it out and durable enough to cut it to shape) to cover the small angle from the tube and the “connection”, you stick the tape to the news paper in the tube so it will make the perfect shape for detail painting. Very carefully paint the connection part with gold colour, when you are finish, let it dry and put another layer of clear coat on top of the paint.

Let the clear coat dry, then apply decals of your wanted, if i were you i will stick decal with my name on it(signature) then vinyls.

With the clear coat metal frame, the best combination is with white, just stick some vinyls and decals on it and you are done.

Check on google to find some cool design and if you still confuse, youtube will have the video showing you how to do it.

Hope this help

the designs are:
1. Dark olive green with gold yellow connection, yellow sticker (don’t make the frame more than two colour if you want it to be elegant).
2. Silver with brown, black or white stickers.
3. Full white frame with rainbow decal(you will recognize the rainbow decal from the world bicycling championship logo)
4. Full black with red and white decal.
5. 101 dalmatians with a lot of spot in a full white frame, 101 dalmatians movie logo will suit great.(if you like it)
6. Star war, full black with a big version of dead star in the rear triangle frame, plus whatever star war sticker you can find. Where should you put it i don’t know.

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Ruth asks…

Did you know that your donations to the America Red Cross went towards?

Snacks and water stations for protesters of the Jena 6. Al Sharpton calls for a civil rights protest of an arrest of 6 black males, some of which had previous arrests for assault. When they are prosecuted for the 6 beating 1 white high school student to the ground and then stomping his head.

I’ve been giving to the Red Cross for many years through an automatic payroll deduction from my retired pay check through combined federal campaign (CFC)

Never in my many years would have thought that the American Red Cross supplies Al Sharpton’s protesters with support. Al Sharpton is a fake. I’m not even sure he is a minister as he claims to be. Should the Red Cross be supporting his anti white agenda with donation dollars. I don’t think so… What do you think?
Read this article.
To the Red Cross worker who says I am misinformed by someone who doesn’t like the Red Cross. You are acting a little bit like some one who is biased towards the relief agency you work for. Read the article I have pasted. It was written by the Associated Press.

Please remember when you respond to questions on Yahoo Answers you should do so with knowledge and not bias. I’m inclined to believe the Associated Press before you. But you can believe that I will check out and verify this because I have been a donor to the American Red Cross since I was in the US Army 26 years ago. Have a nice day!
Red Cross officials manned first aid stations near the local courthouse and had water and snacks available. Portable toilets and flashing street signs to aid in traffic direction were in place. At the courthouse, troopers chatted amiably with each other and with demonstrators who began showing up well before dawn.
Red Cross officials manned first aid stations near the local courthouse and had water and snacks available. Portable toilets and flashing street signs to aid in traffic direction were in place. At the courthouse, troopers chatted amiably with each other and with demonstrators who began showing up well before dawn.,,-6936314,00.html
Here’s another article with the red cross information. It’s near the bottom of the article. answers:

You would have thought a person would have shut up after looking like a fool for all the crap he said about the duke lacross players and then having the allegations almost undeniably proven to be completely false

and to the people contesting that, youre right… It doesnt say anything about the redcross in there. I read the article earlier and i know the author is telling the truth, that was in there apparently it got pulled from the article. I wonder if the red cross didnt like the publicity

Lizzie asks…

Why is the news media not covering the john sanderson murder by 3 black males?

john sanderson white male 21 unarmed was shot to death in his dorm on the campus of msu last night by 3 black males. answers:

Probably the same reason you don’t hear much about this

the media has a political agenda, a liberal one.

George asks…

Why would america prefer a black male president over a white female president?

It has been brought to my attention that the only reason whites in this country voted for Barack Obama is because they do not want Sarah Palin in office at all. Not even as vice president.

And that is fine. To each his own. But I am curious. Why do folks in America have a thing against female presidents? Talk to me. What do you think bad may happen if we had a female president? answers:

I could care less about skin color or gender. What i want is a president who has the country’s best interests as his/her first order of business. I do not want a president who is more concerned with his political party and agenda. If the agenda is ruining the country, the president needs to go.

Ken asks…

Do you think that the government has an agenda to divide people?

Does anyone else notice our country being divided between Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, Libertarians and Social Liberals, Obama lovers and Obama haters, Palin lovers and Palin haters, White and Black, Asian and Hispanic, male and female, young and old, religious and not religious, poor and rich, upper middle class and working middle class, etc? Do you think that the government and MSM have a “divide and conquer” agenda? answers:

There is an agenda alright but it goes way beyond our government and our two political parties. The power of money on a world level is the key to control of the world. Think about it – the more turmoil and fear, the more money is spent for the wrong causes that just so happen to be big investments for big international banks. And when someone gets a little too close to getting out of line like the Russians were with Venezuela, all of a sudden oil is below $50 bucks a barrel and Russia and Venezuela’s war games are over because they cannot sustain their military growth at $50 bucks per barrel. The powerful and rich world banks rule the world through money and all nations are puppets. When the world is busy with the turmoil of religion and failing economies, these guys are making money hand over fist. The scary thing is it is too late to stop it or do anything but hold onto your *ss for the ride.

Michael asks…

Why do liberals think the TEA party is racist organization?

It is my understanding that race is not a factor in their agenda, they have not demonstrated any acts of violence or words of hatred toward any race. So how can one say they are racist? They do not disagree with Obama because of his race, they disagree with his decisions affecting our country. answers:

Politics is not about the truth, it is not about meaningful debate or trying to understand the other’s position. It is about sound bites, smears, false accusations, and bits of information taken out of context in order to make people and opinions appear different than what they really are.

Although the TEA party demographics pretty much match those of the US – you will hear that they are made up of “Mostly White Males”. All you need to do in this country is put that fact next to the fact that we have a Black president whom they oppose, and “Racism” is the natural conclusion.

People are either too lazy or not smart enough to debate the real issues – and no one likes to lose an argument. Racism is a conversation-stopper, the “ace in the hole” for Obama supporters.

Of course, if you want to see pure, unadulterated racism you can view the youTube videos of Samir Shabazz in Philadelphia earlier this week, or you can read the History of Robert J. Byrd. No spin on either of these guys.

William asks…

How many employees does the IRS have?

Please state your source. I just saw a figure of 99,000 on a website that obviously has a political agenda, and the number seems too high. I checked the IRS website and couldn’t find a figure. answers:

A 2004 press release on put the number at 115,000. Why that number is higher than the one shown below, I don’t know.

A “Best Places to work” page on the web gave the following:

Workforce Size and Trends
Number of Employees in 2001: 93,993
Number of Employees in 2002: 92,212
Number of Employees in 2003: 89,704
Number of Employees in 2004: 90,604
Number of Employees in 2005: 87,722
Number of Employees in 2006: 86,585

Employees joined (2006): 6,533
Average joined (2002-2006): 7,047
Employees left (2006): 8,772

Female: 64.65%
Male: 35.35%

American Indian: 0.9%
Asian: 3.8%
Black: 23.9%
Hispanic: 8.3%
White: 63.1%
Disabled: 10.5%

Maria asks…

Along with being the Worst President in American History, what are the other contributions from Obama?

18% of Black Males now Unemployed and Obama throws an extravagant Hollywood Party for Arrogant Millionaires. You may like this garbage, but every one I know does not want this Jerk Off as President any longer. Why is coverage of the Chairman Obama orgy being covered up by Yahoo answers:

Why would anyone vote for Obama????

Let’s look at his record:
1. He refused to allow the prosecution of Black Panthers members in Philadelphia, who threatened voters in the election with knives and batons.

2. Obama bowed and apologized for the “behavior of the United States” to our enemies overseas on his “Apology Tour”.

3. Obama forced legislation of a health care bill, behind locked doors, in the middle of the night, against the wishes of 75% of Americans.

4. Obama’s administration allowed 2500 weapons to be let across the Mexican border, and into the hands of Mexican drug cartel members, resulting in the death of Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry and over 200 Mexican civilians. His AG is now being investigated by Congress where he has been proven more than once to be perjuring himself. “Operation Fast and Furious” was an attempt by Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Eric Holder to promote their anti-gun agenda, and it backfired.

5. Obama invested $500,000,000 in taxpayer money to Solyndra to promote his solar energy policy. The company immediately went bankrupt, and there has been no accounting of the taxpayer money.

6. During the Gulf Oil spill, Obama placed a moratorium on drilling for oil in the Gulf, putting thousands of people out of work. He has yet to remove that moratorium, and the region is suffering.

7. Obama sent U.S. Forces to bomb Libya, without declaration or approval by Congress, which he has no power to do under the U.S. Constitution.

8. Obama has practically ruined the coal industry with his policies, and regulations from the EPA.

9. Obama initiated a lawsuit against a U.S. State ( Arizona ) because they attempted to enforce U.S. Immigration policy. No President has ever attempted to sue a U.S. State!

10. Obama has appointed numerous radicals to his administration. Some of which are admitted Communists, such as Van Jones…one of Obama’s “czars”.

11. Obama nominated two Supreme Court justices who made claims to one ideology during their hearings, but ruled on cases in the opposite manner once appointed. That is perjury.

12. Obama has stonewalled a joint U.S.-Canadian oil pipeline which would give jobs to tens of thousands of people.

13. The Obama administration, under the guise of “national security” have pretty much eliminated the 5th Amendment to the Constitution by now allowing the military to arrest anyone, including U.S. Citizens, without warrant, charges, or due process of law. THAT is unconstitutional!

14. Obama has taken more corporate money than any other Presidential candidate, but then condemns any type of corporations or capitalism.

15. Obama has spent more money than any President combined in history. We’re now at $16.1 trillion dollars in debt, and rising higher! He is now calling for even another $1 trillion in debt ceiling raise.

16. During some of the countries most trying moments, Obama has been on vacation. He has played more than 90 rounds of golf, and has taken almost 80 vacations. In 3 years? Most people who work only get one major vacation per year, if they’re lucky.

17. Obama completely ignored the wild fires which burned for over a month in Texas. And he did not send Texas any help. But he did send assistance to fight wildfires in South America at that time!

18. Obama refused to allow new drilling for Americans in the Gulf of Mexico, but made a special trip to Brazil to congradulate them on their new wells in the Gulf, and offered to be “one of their first customers.”

19. Obama gave gifts and “hugs” to Hugo Chavez, one of the cruelest dictator thugs in Central America.

20. Obama smugly skipped the Boy Scout Jambouree in Virginia, which EVERY President has attended, so he could be a guest on the “View”. He sent a video instead, and the Boy Scouts booed him.

Mark asks…

Why is it that the democrats don’t care about the white male vote but they go?

after the black vote, the welfare vote and the homosexual vote with a vengeance? Are they trying to tell me something? answers:

Because, in the pandering towards these “groups”, liberals will make it the sole defining feature of these groups and create a “standard” by which all members of this group should act, those that do not are ostracized by the group.

It is about trying to get these groups to ignore everything else but the drummed-up “war on _____” that the liberals trot out every time they have no real accomplishments to talk about in order to try and blind these groups to the utter failure of the liberal philosophy.

That is: because Obama has failed in his agenda (even after 50% of the time in office was with a democrat-control Congress) he has nothing to talk about… So they drum up some non-controversy in order to get the idiots all roweled up about nothing so they will, like the slaves to liberalism they are, vote for their masters to keep them in the perpetual bondage of governmental socialized spending.

Thomas asks…

What happens to standards/an entire economy when Democrats force banks to make loans to unqualified minorities?

How does affirmative action–rewarding people based on ethnicity, gender, what have you, even when they fail to meet previously established standards of performance–affect the overall moral and economic health of a nation?

Before anyone tries to say that affirmative action and “diversity” agendas and schemes merely require for an otherwise equally qualified person to be hired, awarded a contract, admitted to a school, etc.–that’s utterly false. Affirmative Action and “Equal Opportunity” programs punish and deprive the qualified whites and non-disabled and heterosexual white males, so as to reward the lesser- or unqualified minorities and women.
Obama himself was one of the race-hustling shakedown artists hired as a lawyer for ACORN, that sued CITIBANK and forced them to make loans to minorities who didn’t meet normal lending standards. answers:

Let’s cap this blowout now by saying the economy is damaged in large part because Corporate America companies “grew” too fast than it realistically needed to, run by grossly unqualified CEO administrators and equally inept stock market traders. America simply made too many widgets than the domestic demand called for…..and we didn’t aggressively pursue overseas sales of our widgets. Making those stupid overseas stock market investments didn’t help much, either; we basically GAVE Europe the bulk of our U.S. Monetary wealth.

Good luck to Obama in trying to get that money back.

Ah….a plot hatched by Bush ( a silent partner in the scam ) to cause massive home foreclosures, so Democrats can approve Obama to hard ball force banks to give home loans to minorities–w/ juicy benefits given those people. Working Americans pick up the tab for the lesser fortunate—and Bush gets a discreet cut of the profits.

You know–as whacked out conspiracy theory as that sounds…..a part of it might hold some actual merit. By my insistence—Please….DO tag me as racist; I’m not, but I care less what YOU think of me…..but the logic DOES exist. And THAT IS unsettling ….

Allowing unqualified people—of ANY race–to pull out home mortgage loans is akin to pouring gasoline on a fire; it’s a key ingredient of this mess we’re now in.

Someone please tell me how giving home loans to blacks, mexicans, asians who work low wage jobs is going to save America and make the country stronger than ever before.

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