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 Are You tired of driving for pay? 

Do you need a flexible schedule?

Do you like the idea of showing up and collecting cash in hand?

Is having fun dancing and earning anywhere from $300 per hour up to $5 or even $10,000.00 per booking  from a playful party atmosphere the way you want to make fast cash in a safe and legal way?

Is the thought of traveling for work as an entertainer an enjoyable one?

If you answered yes to all the above then you will love the exotic dancing industry and whether you need fast cash or you wish to become a celebrity stripper requested all over the nation and now internationally if you so desire then working with Strippergods.com is the opportunity of a lifetime as you will only get 1 shot.

Reputation is everything in this industry and because of the Strippergods.com national network for booking private entertainment you must be ready to be professional and commit to showing up to your bookings that you have been hired on or agreed to accept. Each booking is 100% optional and your choice but entertainers who commit to the customers who hire them and do not show up will have to pay a fee in order to be able to remain on the site and get work from the Strippergods.com network. 

How do I get work from Strippergods.com?

  1. Contact Strippergods.com and tell a booking agent you want to see if you can work as an entertainer or sales affiliate.
  2. Send your pics if you want to work as an entertainer for approval.
  3. If approved you will be asked what region you want to be available to receive bookings in (your city, state, nationally, or internationally..see weekly rates above) and your marketing payment for the week will be due withing 24 hours.
  4. You will then be on constant standby for message bookings from Strippergods.com. You will be provided with information on the amount you will be paid to arrive, how many guests, expected tips, city and or zip code and party type if any. You will choose to accept the booking or to deny it. If you accept a booking and do not show up you will be removed from being a featured entertainer on Strippergods.com and depending on the circumstances of your missed booking you might possibly be able to get back on for work once you cover a penalty fee.
  5. Refer another entertainer and get an entire week of marketing free.
  6. Bonus bookings are available when another entertainer has too many bookings and a replacement is needed to handle the workload.
  7. What categories can I work in? Whatever you wish as long as you know what you are doing. Example don’t pay for marketing yourself as a world class dj when you only wish to dance.  Do not waste the customer’s time and ours by taking a job that could have went to someone else who actually does have those skills to do the work needed.
  8. Any advice for first timers? Ask your booking agent. You will get to know us well if we are marketing you at the city and state level. Entertainers or entertainment groups marketing at the national or international level can request to have their contact information added to their pictures and can handle and schedule the customers themselves.
  9.  We cannot guarantee work. Customers come to Strippergods.com to find entertainers to hire. Therefore all marketing fees are non refundable and all sales are final. Strippergods.com reserves the right to refuse to provide service to anyone. Any and all pictures submitted to booking agents for work within the industry or online or through any resource become property of Strippergods.com.
  10.  Any individuals or business entities wishing to utilize services featured or advertised on Strippergods.com hereby agree to hold harmless Strippergods.com and SG Event Services in any capacity.

Are you now ready to work as a stripper for hire? Stripper Gods will only market new entertainers if they understand this is a business and is a great paying career. Marketing is 100% vital for work so if you ruin your reputation by not showing up or not being a professional with manners when you go to a customer’s event then you will be permanently banned from the entire Strippergods.com international network. Working these bookings are a privilege and should be treated as so. Males strippers for hire need to stay as fit and healthy as possible. Female strippers for hire need to be always looking their best and staying healthy as well. Contact our office at 800.788.1785 to submit your pictures to a booking agent to be added to Strippergods.com. 


Valid Picture ID required. Must be 18 or older to contact Stripper Gods