Male Strippers and female strippers for private parties

Male Strippers and female strippers for private partiesĀ 

Get the best male strippers for your private bachelorette party here. Also the hottest female strippers for any private bachelor party can be booked through us. Stripper Gods male exotic strippers are the best in the buisness and will perform right in your living room.


Our female strippers can’t be found in any gentleman’s club either. These dancers are the top exotic dancers in the industry and only available privately.

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    1. about just making the easy stuff. That is what haepenpd to me, too, but not because of kids. At least you have a legitimate excuse! I know what you are dealing with, though, because I was actually the LUNCH LADY at the Bush School here in Seattle several years ago. We cooked for kids K-12 and even though we made some awesome homemade stuff it was chicken strips, tacos, and hamburgers that always sold out. I am not a nutritionist, but I know there are some who believe loading up on protein before bed can help avoid something called catabolism (a fasting stage your body goes into while sleeping). I believe it is a common practice for body builders eat protein before bedtime for this reason. Personally, I would weigh 300 lbs. if I tried that! I think if you are worried you should check with your son’s pediatrician. My guess is he is okay if he feels good and isn’t gaining too much weight. I am so glad you like the blog!!

  1. Hi Mary! I love this blog/site I used to enjoy cooking but I had kids and seem they are soo piecky and never enjoyed fun dinners! Slowly we turned to tacos, sloppy joes, pulled pork sandwiches, French dips, hamburgers, frozen chicken nuggets and well that’s pretty much the extent of my cooking!! Sad huh!??! I did marry someone who LOVES to cook (East Indian & curries his speciality). Glad you had fun in Palm Springs!! My son is now attending college at WSU .it’s hard having him 3000 miles away but I’m looking forward to him flying home to Georgia for Thanksgiving! A quick question .my other son, age 15, tall and thin like his dad is an outstanding basketball player and trying to build muscle mass . Works out every day, lifts weights, is 6’1 and 160 lbs. He’s created these milkshakes and my concern is the high amounts of protein in them. His own recipe is 5 scoops of protein powder, vanilla ice cream, milk, honey, peanut butter, yogurt all blended together. There are 2500 calories in this creation and close to 60 grams of protein. He drinks this nightly before bed. Is all this protein ok/safe for him?? Seems extreme. He wants to gain weight (I should have such worries!! lol) Any thoughts/insight would be appreciated!!Cheers!Jennyne

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