Pictures and games will be at the dancers discretion and entertainers do have the right to have an alternate entertainer replace them if they need.

All dancers are required to terminate the show if they feel threatened in any way and there are no refunds! The show fee is collected and paid before they perform or arrive. Refusal to allow a dancer to leave is against the law.

 Hiring customers (venue owner, management, property owner) and all guests within the location of party  understand as well as agree that by being present you are not paying Stripper Gods or any appearing entertainer for mature adult content or situations.  The hiring customer and all guests within the location of party must understand and agree by being present in an exotic dancing party means you may witness full nudity, exotic games, and exotic lap dancing. Performances and actions by the entertainers are meant to be comical and all physical dancing moves and gestures are a “style of dance” that should not be mistaken for a sexual vice.

These physical dance moves, tricks, games and dances are not meant to be taken as illegal prostitution services, or any solicitation of sexual services or vices. Allowing an exotic dancer to perform means you as well as all of your guests are informed and agree that a performance can and often does include some physical contact in which due to the “acrobatic nature” of certain exotic dancing moves and games additional accidental physical contact may occur. Hiring customer as well as  attending guests agree to hold harmless Stripper Gods and  appearing entertainers not liable for any issues that  may have resulted in physical injury, financial loss or emotional distress.  

Overly intoxicated guests should be removed as well as any illegal contraband. All tips given at any time before, during or after party are meant to be taken as a “compliment” for “simply appearing.”  Intimate encounters with an entertainer are not solicited at any time by means of the show fee, dance or tip and are not affiliated or condoned. 

 Stripper Gods provides a way of marketing events and appearances. Customers of entertainers are prohibited from publishing negative reviews  regarding any entertainer appearance. 

 Stripper Gods is a great site to assist in finding general information on what to expect from hiring an exotic dancing “Personality” for an appearance.