Las Vegas Male Strippers for Bachelorette Parties in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Male Strippers for Bachelorette Parties in Las Vegas

Las Vegas male strippers for bachelorette parties in Las Vegas are available here. We also have the best black male strippers in Las Vegas.  It is very difficult to get a black male stripper for hire but we have them all. If you are currently planning a Las Vegas bachelorette party and you have decided to skip the long lines at popular yet crowded and expensive male revue shows such as Chippendales then talk to our friendly staff now. At Stripper Gods we will provide your group of friends with a real VIP experience by having the hottest commodity in Vegas show up to your suite with room service. Stripper Gods not only has the most proffessional strip tease service in Las Vegas but also the most inexpensive. In fact Stripper Gods is almost the only major striptease service in Vegas which can offer you a private party with one of the top male strippers Las Vegas NV has to offer. Stripper Gods always has the best male strippers in Las Vegas for any occasion so don’t be afraid to ask about special requests, or performing on your party bus or simply providing a real Fantasy Date for the evening.

Las Vegas Male Strippers

At stripper Gods we want you to weigh the benefits of having a VIP party in your room with a hot male exotic stripper from our company vs going to a male strip club for women. Number one; if attending a Las Vegas male revue show at a casino please know that you will not be recieving a lap dance or any special treatment for your guest of honor. Casino male revue shows are exactly what they sound like. It’s a show with no up close action that makes going to see a stripper in Las Vegas exciting. Pricing for attending a male revue show in Las Vegas is around $60.00 per person. Your next choice is going to a female strip club that also offers male strippers. Yes you can get a lap dance here but be prepared to spend $20.00 for 60 seconds or $500.00 for a private booth for an hour. Now add in a $20.00 cover per person plus a two drink minimum, long lines and of course you want to have fun stuffing bills down random male stripper‘s thongs, right? Now all that adds up. What’s the alternative? Be a true VIP and get the same experience Katie Perry has. For only a $99.00 or $84.00 deposit you will have a Stripper Gods Las Vegas male stripper show up in your room with a proffessional male stripper costume, sound system, disco lights, and best of all he’s all yours. Bring your own bottles, drink as much as you want, plus our male entertainers will give your guest of honor a special performance first, then do an entire floor show involving the Ladies in your party, he will do a bachelorette party game, hot seats, 1 on 1 lap dances, and group pictures.  We have many options to choose from and our staff will plan everything for you stress free. All you need to do is show up.


Please keep in mind that our Las Vegas male strippers for bachelorette parties in Las Vegas get booked on average of 3 weeks to 2 months in advance. We may possibly be able to handle last minute bookings but it is reccomended to book in advance as early as possible. If you have questions on our black male strippers in Las Vegas as well as any of our Las Vegas strippers please call now. We hope you have enjoyed this information about Las Vegas male strippers for bachelorette parties in Las Vegas. Additional info on black female strippers in Las Vegas is available here.

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