Los Angeles Male Strippers

Los Angeles Male Strippers


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Sandy asks…

How do you reduce white noise at work with out turning it off?

My husband works at a call center that uses white noise to reduce the back ground noise. Him and his coworkers are having a lot migraines and body aches and of course management really doesn’t care. My husband has fibromyagia and the machines makes it worse. What can they do to help relieve themselves from this problem? They sadly can’t just turn it off because the switch is locked or quit because like everyone else they need money.

dancer.strippergods@yahoo.com answers:

Interesting question.

I have worked in offices, or “cubical farms,” and I wished they had some kind of white noise generator. It is so distracting to hear everyone’s phone conversation around me.

It was worse in the late afternoon because then the building circulation is turned off. Apparently, when the ventilation fans are on, they create a very slight white noise that helps mask the voices around me. When the fans are off, I can hear EVERYTHING.

I would challenge the premise of your question. I do not believe you can link the cause and the symptoms as in a cause and effect relationship. I do not believe there have been any studies that establish that link. White noise does not cause migraines and body aches.

That does not mean he does not have migraines and body aches. Maybe he does? But they are not caused by the white noise.

Richard asks…

What kind of inexpensive machine can I get that emits a white noise?

I’m looking for something that makes a white noise that is not expensive to put in my toddler’s bedroom. A fan will not work because his fingers are small and so far can fit into any fan we’ve looked at. I need something safe that will make a masking white noise for him at night. Any ideas?

dancer.strippergods@yahoo.com answers:

My ears ring all the time so I have a white noise cd, it works like a charm. You can buy it off of I-Tunes and then burn it to a CD and put the CD player in the toddlers room.

Michael asks…

What is the best free way to remove white noise from a sound file?

I’m trying to record a song (using Audacity at the moment) and there’s a lot of white noise. I know there’s a noise removal option on there, but whenever I use it, it ends up sounding odd, a bit like a wah-wah sound. Is there a better way to do this with Audacity or another open source program?

dancer.strippergods@yahoo.com answers:

The best way to describe white noise is the “hiss” between stations on the radio.
Just to double check:
Select a few seconds of just noise.
Effect / Noise Removal / Get noise profile.
Effect / Noise Removal / Remove noise.
You can select how much of the noise to remove but it will always have an effect on the sound.

Your best option is to find the source of the noise rather than try to fix it after recording.
If you’re using multiple instruments record and check the result of each one in turn.
Check any connecting cables. Are they the correct ones for the job?
Are they shielded cables? Guitar type.
Microphone: Are you using the inbuilt mic on a laptop? If so this is the easiest way to produce noise – any noise from the fan will be recorded.
Always use an external mic. Is it good quality?
Do you record the input loud enough?
If the recorded input is too quiet any background and electronic noise is also brought up in level if the volume level of the track is boosted.
Record each track as loud as possible without distortion. It’s better to reduce the level when mixing than to boost it. (Normal studio method).
The input level meter should hover just below the top of the gauge.

The noise is not a product of the program. It has a cause so it’s a matter of trial and error till found.

Carol asks…

How to spot indications of white noise in random walk residual plots?

I’d like to know how you can see if a residual plot in a random walk model has white noise? I have googled and read about white noise but I’m having a difficult time actually pointing out which of my 6 plots have white noise.

Anyone care to help me out?

dancer.strippergods@yahoo.com answers:

The white noise will show up in the thickness of the line you can draw through the plot without obscuring real data.

Mandy asks…

Is it ok to use a white noise machine if you have a baby?

I like the idea of a white noise machine, and between my husband’s snoring and the cat fussing around all night, I think it would help me sleep a lot better.
However, does it seem unwise to block out noise when I have a 1 y/o sleeping in the next room? I don’t want to be inattentive – maybe I should just crank up the baby monitor…
Anyone else use one, even though they have a baby?

dancer.strippergods@yahoo.com answers:

As a mother you could probably have a train roaring through your room and still hear your baby over it. It’s programmed in to our brains. Do you have a Monitor? If so I would go ahead and use the white noise machine. I run a fan on high at night for the white noise and I never have had a problem hearing my baby.

James asks…

Does listening to white noise damage headphones?

I recently discovered white noise, which seems to help me concentrate, but I was wondering if it could reduce the quality of my Sennheiser HD 428’s.


dancer.strippergods@yahoo.com answers:

Probably not. Since white noise is typically estimated as having a gaussian distribution, it is probably gentler on your headphones than listening to actual music, which would have a frequency specific distribution.

Sandra asks…

How effective are white noise makers?

I am interested in getting a white noise maker, but was wondering if they actually work. I live close to a major highway, in a somewhat loud apt. complex and looking to drown all that out if possible. Before I dropped $50 on something, I wanted to know if it really workes. Thanks!

dancer.strippergods@yahoo.com answers:

I have used “white noise” off and on for years. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money.. And want to see if it works for you.. Try a fan… Or anything with a continuous sound… If you go to radio shack.. They have the white noise maker for a lot cheaper.. It also has other sounds of nature.. Yes.. It works for me.. Drowns out other sounds.. Makes it peaceful… Sometimes when my child was really tired and there were other noises going on in the house, I would turn it on and he would go sound asleep…

Thomas asks…

In econometrics, do white noise, normally distributed, and IID residuals refer to the same properties?

In econometrics, are “white noise” residuals , “normally-distributed” residuals, and “I.I.D.” (independent and identically distributed) residuals, mean the same thing? If not, what’s the difference between them?

dancer.strippergods@yahoo.com answers:

White noise and IID are same thing.

Normally distributed residuals can be IID, or they can be correlated. So no connection.

Nancy asks…

What is the significance of Television in White Noise by Don DeLillo?

What is the significance of Television in White Noise by Don DeLillo?
Any quotes that stick out?

dancer.strippergods@yahoo.com answers:

According to the concept of white noise, it says that the supernatural stuff leave their influence on the magnetic tapes or electronic circuits, thus once we play back the recorded video, once it has been affected by the spirit, we will see wht it wanted to show us.

So normally, we cant see the impresion before playback, but in the video, he showed tht after having nde, tht hero was able to see the live interference on the tv, which others can only see after the playback

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