Male Celebrity Strippers



  • Bachelorette party male exotic strippers are great live entertainment. The male exotic strippers  are typically up for any location or venue you choose. These guys are experienced in night club shows, lounges, bars, and even party buses. Please be sure to contact the bar or lounge before booking. Having a male burlesque style performer in public needs to be cleared by management of that venue. If you cannot get prior permission we suggest that you have the male exotic dancer strip in a private area away from bystanders not with your party. If you have any special bachelorette party ideas or instructions for dancers we’d love to hear them.
  • For safety, the male entertainers do recommend clearing the party from other male guests unless there are married couples present. This all depends on each entertainer’s comfort level If you plan on having any male guests present it is mandatory to inform Stripper Gods prior to dancer’s arrival as well as informing the entertainer.  The male strippers typically do bring their own music / audio device but they prefer the party to already have this setup and taken care of prior to their arrival.  If you need an audio advice please inform Stripper Gods prior to your entertainer’s arrival.
  • Stripper Gods -male exotic dancers are perfect for handling your private bachelorette party. The male exotic strippers even have their own touring male revue shows that can be seen from time to time performing at naughty ladies night promotions and lounges. Stripper Gods offers a wide range of image preferences from  white male strippers, latin men, and ofcourse the  black male strippers most often featured in sellout shows around the country featured on major networks such as MTV, VH1, BET, E, SHOWTIME, FX, TBS, etc… Stripper Gods – entertainers often do work as models and actors and can also be booked for Fantasy Date Appearances.

“General consensus among entertainers”

-We provide professional  and discreet service with authentic adult costumes straight from our live male revue shows. 

 The Stripper Gods- these men will always perform an exciting routine in your living room or party bus and provide what we call extreme lap dancing. Body shots  and numerous bachelorette party games can be expected. In fact we will take any special requests into consideration so we do encourage all bachelorette party ideas you may have.

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