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Party Bus Strippers in Hollywood

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Paul asks…

Where do I need to go in Florida to fix a suspended license?

For a license suspended for not having proof of insurance in Florida (Orange County), where do yo go to fix it? The court house, the tax collector, or the DMV? answers:

DMV would be a good place to start. Find out the length of the suspension and what if anything you can do to get it reinstated! If you have a court date- show up!

Mandy asks…

If we do not rebuild what does the insurance pay?

Our home was insured about 3 years ago for 83,857 which is replacement cost. The tax value on the house determined by the county tax collector is currently 66,000 on the house and 14,000 on the lot. On the original policy, that is almost 3 years old the insurance company shows market value as 83,537. Curiously close to the insured replacement value, within $320.00. Since then the insured value has risen to 97,000. The neighborhood is not the same as when we moved in. Alot has changed. If we had a catastrophic loss and chose not to rebuild, what can we expect? Thanks.
WILL ask a new question with more details and requiring more details. TAKE A LOOK. answers:

I seriously, serously doubt that $83,857 is the replacement cost of your house. Even at a very LOW $150 per square foot, that comes up as your house being 560 square feet. Miniscule.

Replacment cost, how most policies are written, is on COST TO REBUILD. That’s what replacement means. Tax values, are “what you can sell the house and land for”. MARKET value. And tax values are notoriously LOW. So you’re comparing apples to oranges.

If you have a kitchen fire with $50,000 in damages, the average for a kitchen fire, your house doesn’t get “totalled”. Do you want the market value – 1/5 of the tax value of your house, if it’s a five room house? Or do you want enough money to FIX the kitchen?

If you underinsure your house, there will be a penalty. If you insure your house for HALF the cost to rebuild, you get HALF the claim paid. It’s also depreciated for age, until AFTER all the repairs are done. So in a 50 year old house, with an average kitchen fire, your house insured roughly for HALF of what it should be insured for, you’d probably get a check for $10,000, made payable to you and your lender jointly, with the other $15,000 to be paid jointly to you and your lender AFTER you’d made the $50,000 in repairs.

How does THAT sound.

Sounds to me, like you’re doing “do it yourself” insurance, and you don’t understand valuations, or coinsurance, or recoverable depreciation . . . And you’re going to do it to yourself, all right.

Lizzie asks…

What’s the most valuable bit of sports memorabilia?

With Barry Bonds about to break Hank Aaron’s record, I’ve been thinking a lot about how much the ball will be worth.

In all of sports history, what physical artifact is worth the most money? Please include sources.

Also, regardless of price, which would you most like to own and why? For the record, I’d take the bat Babe Ruth used to “call his shot.”

Thanks! answers:

I wouldn’t give you two cents for the Bonds ball. In September, a grand jury is going to indict him anyway and then it’s ******* at best – probably the record gets deleted totally. Anyone who uses roids doesn’t deserve that record. He would be just babysitting it for A Rod anyway.

I would go with the T206 Honus Wagner card has long been the most famous baseball card in existence. Known as the “Holy Grail” and the “Mona Lisa of baseball cards”, an example of this card was the first baseball card to be sold for over a million dollars. Only 50 to 60 of these cards are believed to exist. One theory for the card’s scarcity is that Wagner, a non-smoker, requested the production of this card be halted since it was being sold as a marketing vehicle for tobacco products. The problem with this theory is that Wagner appears on a tobacco piece produced by Recius in the late 1800s. Another theory postulates that Wagner was not offered any compensation for the use of his likeness. Consequently, he supposedly withdrew his permission to print any more copies. At the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY, it is stated that while Wagner was a smoker, he did not want children to have to buy tobacco products to get his card. Therefore, he requested it to be pulled from production.

Of these handful of existing cards, the single most famous, a nm-mt PSA graded 8 (which also was the first card graded by PSA serially numbered 00000001) card which initially broke the US $1 million barrier, sold again on February 26, 2007 at auction for 2.35 million US dollars to an anonymous buyer in Orange County, California. This particular card is in the best condition compared to the rest of the existing cards, having been encased in a protective Lucite sheeting for decades. Considered the ultimate pinnacle of baseball card collecting, the card has changed hands four times in the last 10 years, doubling in value on three of those occasions while having such ownership as hockey great Wayne Gretzky, Los Angeles Kings owner Bruce McNall and later Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart had purchased the card in the mid-1990s to give away as part of a marketing campaign for a line of baseball cards. The winner of the give away could not afford the taxes associated with it, and it ended up being sold at auction in the mid-1990s to a Chicago businessman and collector for $640,000. In mid-2000 it was sold again for $1,265,000 to a Las Vegas-based businessman who regularly had it placed on public display at baseball games and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library before selling the card for double his purchase price in February 2007. On August 3, 2007 an SGC 10 graded card offered by Mastro Auctions sold for $192,000 to Robert Klevens of Prestige Collectibles, LLC acting on behalf of a client from Japan.

I have half a million cards here – and a great collection of signed balls but I sure would love one of those! Pax – C

James asks…

Unsecured Property Taxes?

I’ve received a few letters from the Orange County California Tax Collectors stating that I owe back taxes for Unsecured Property Taxes and I am confused why I’m continually getting them.
The taxes are for a house that my mother owned from 1987-2005 (October), but my mom passed away and we sold the house. But now I keep receiving the letters stating they have reassessed that property for 2003 and 2004 and that I owe a good chunk of money. I also paid some taxes already for the same years after the place sold, but now I’m receiving more.

Can someone explain why I would be receiving this?

Here’s a link to the property that is in question.

Are unsecured property taxes only for vessels, tractors and such or can it be applied to houses? Also, shouldn’t these back taxes be owed by the new owner?

So confused.
Thanks for your help! answers:

I guess if they reassessed the property for the time that your Mom owned it then it’s due. From whom it is due from is the question.

(Unsecured simply means that they can’t take the property from the current owner for non-payment of the tax.)

Since you didn’t own the property then, I can’t see how they could send you the bill, however. Your Mom’s estate would owe the bill but if it was rendered after the estate was probated there’s not likely anything left to collect it from. Normally, they’d be SOL on collection then.

I can only guess but paying the other unsecured assessments may have established your liability for the ones they’re billing you for now — at least in the tax collector’s mind. That certainly does sound strange, though. Leave it to CA to come up with something as off-the-wall as that.

Honestly, I’d consult with a local attorney who is versed in CA real estate law and maybe estate law as well. Nothing that weird would ever happen MO, but with CA, you never know. Glad I left!

Jenny asks…

How can i find my property tax for Fountain Valley, CA 92708? answers:

Start at the link below. It’s the Orange County Treasurer/Tax Collector’s site. On that page, you’ll find different ways to look up and pay your property tax.

Sandy asks…

Is it fair for this government employee to make so much that he drives a Ferrari?

The county tax collector (John Morlock – not sure how to spell his name) from the treasury office, in Orange County, CA – a public employee whose job is to collect property/county taxes – seems to be making so much money that he drives a brand new Ferrari. Is this right? Considering the Los Angeles Tax Collector collects way more taxes, does that mean he probably has a private jet? wtf is going on?
Apparently he is an elected official for a non-partisan post as treasurer, up for re-election in June. (I might have his name wrong, I’m writing as I hear it on the news for the first time).
I’m sorry, maybe his name is Chris, I’m not clear yet…I’m watching it on PBS local news for Orange County, CA called “Real Orange” (repeat of last night’s local news). I am so shocked that I just typed up the question so I might not have the name right, but he is the treasurer for Orange County, CA and has made so much money from his term in office as treasurer that he drives around in a brand new Ferrari. “He controls hundreds of millions of dollars as county treasurer.”
isurvive – i DO have such luxuries (such a 3 large homes and nice cars, jewelery etc.) I am not jealous, sorry didn’t expect to get such immature answers. However I am not a government employee during a time of economic crisis. answers:

ALL government employees get AUTOMATIC raises even if they are doing a lousy job and even if the economy is bad. I wrote to my congressman about this and he said he was in total support of the governments automatic raises. And why wouldn’t he be? These people are SELF PROCLAIMED KINGS and the view us as the surfs.

George asks…

the regulators in the carolinas were?

a. committees that opposed british policy
b. committees that attempted to regulate the backcountry economy
c. settlers that attempted to impose order in the absence of an organized goverment.
d. tax collectors who made regular collections from residents.
e. farmers who made illegal liquor answers:

The Battle of Alamance was the final battle of the War of the Regulation, a rebellion in colonial North Carolina over issues of taxation and local control. In the past, historians considered the battle to be the opening salvo of the American Revolution and locals agreed with this assessment.

However, modern historians reject this notion, as there does not seem to have been any intent to rebel against king or crown, only to protest taxation and corrupt local government. Named for nearby Great Alamance Creek, the battle took place in what was then Orange County and has since become Alamance County in the central Piedmont about six miles south of present-day Burlington, North Carolina.

This was one of the best known battles in the Carolinas involving the regulators.

Linda asks…

Does anybody know the name of the song 98.7 played at 3:10 today in the LA/Orange County area?

I know this question is quite difficult to answer but Im just hoping for a lucky correct answer. Its Rock and sort of electronic, if that narrows it down. Sorry I cant remember any lyrics but I know there was something about a MOM in the song. And the song starts off with a cool electronic tune. Thanks !
Nevermind I got it, It was MGMT- Kids. haha! answers:

Good Morning Everyone,

93.7 – MIKEFM & 107.3 – WAAF – Boston, MA

Champ or Chump Trivia = a) Earl Campbell
Champions = b)​​ 347​​ = Free​ Stuff​ Subforums
Employment Trivia = Tax​​ Collector​​
Games ‘n eCards Trivia = 80​​
Hello, Mr. President = a)​​ James​​ Buchanan​​
Hot Music Trivia = a) The Fray
Music Challenge = b) MTV
New Video Trivia = $59.99​
Rock Music Trivia = b) Aranda
This Day In U.S History = b)​​ Liam​​ Neeson​​
Where In The World?

Lisa asks…

Web site for trying to find out who is living in my house from 30years agoand how many times it has be sold?


Hello, check with your local courthouse. Also you can inquire at the tax collector

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