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  2. I’ve been to strip clubs with my husband and our marreid friends. We all had fun. I even received my own lap dance. There was one time when my hubby went to a strip club with some guys and only told me about it after the fact. I was pretty pissed not because he went without me, but because he didn’t tell me he was going. On another occasion, I found pictures on his phone of him posing with some scantily-clad models at an outdoor event. The part that bothered me was that two of the models were sitting on his lap, and also that he never bothered to tell me that any of this had gone on. The way I see it, looking at women strip on stage isn’t much different than watching women strip on TV or in movies. As long as I know what he’s doing and it’s not secretive, then it’s no biggie. Actual bodily contact is another story, though. It’s one thing for me to receive a lap dance from another woman most guys think two women together are hot. But he wouldn’t be so thrilled if it was a dude rubbing up against me, and the same goes for another woman rubbing on him. So I guess I draw the line at secrecy and (opposite sex) bodily contact.

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