Should you go to a strip club or have a stripper come to your home?

With today’s economy in question; what would better suit your stripper entertainment needs better? Should you go to a strip club or have a stripper come to your home?

Whether you are a male or female the two choices have in the past been a question of personality. There was not even a need to brake it down into what zodiac sign you were. It was pretty straight forward. For men, you go to the strip club if you were horny and hoped to get lucky without having to go through a total’s night adventure of endless searching, bar hopping, drink buying, etc…For women you went to a male strip club when you just wanted to have a night of getting drunk and acting wild. For men who had the stripper come to their home it was usually due to a celebration or having an all round good time similar to the reason women went out to the strip club to see male dancers. For women who had male dancers come to the home it was the same reason that men went out to the female strip clubs.

Today our entertainment needs suffer more than ever and we have to decide how to strecth our dollars the most for our entertainment. It is a neccessity for humans since the beginning of time and this is why I personally and financially have always been involved with one of the oldest buisnessess ever.

Two years ago gas hit an all time high of just about $4.00 per gallon. In the strip club buisness customer numbers where nearly split in half that summer (09) most heavily noticeable in las vegas. What does that mean? It meant people where not traveling or going out as much just due to gas prices so they cut back on their entertainment needs; or did they? What I did notice is that people where having more private parties and finding ways to bundle their money together to achieve the same thing. Private parties where definately the way to go if you were on a budget because the dancer spends their gas money traveling to you not the other way around, alcohol is always cheaper at the liquor store than the bar, and 10 people each contributing $20 dollars gets you tha dancer, at home, with cheap alcohol, all you best friends, no drunk driving, and lap dances. $20 dollars at the club does what? Oh yeah it lets you park your car.

In closing going out is always fun but if you are on a budget the choice is crystal clear.

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