Ruth asks…

Did you know that your donations to the America Red Cross went towards?

Snacks and water stations for protesters of the Jena 6. Al Sharpton calls for a civil rights protest of an arrest of 6 black males, some of which had previous arrests for assault. When they are prosecuted for the 6 beating 1 white high school student to the ground and then stomping his head.

I’ve been giving to the Red Cross for many years through an automatic payroll deduction from my retired pay check through combined federal campaign (CFC)

Never in my many years would have thought that the American Red Cross supplies Al Sharpton’s protesters with support. Al Sharpton is a fake. I’m not even sure he is a minister as he claims to be. Should the Red Cross be supporting his anti white agenda with donation dollars. I don’t think so… What do you think?
Read this article.
To the Red Cross worker who says I am misinformed by someone who doesn’t like the Red Cross. You are acting a little bit like some one who is biased towards the relief agency you work for. Read the article I have pasted. It was written by the Associated Press.

Please remember when you respond to questions on Yahoo Answers you should do so with knowledge and not bias. I’m inclined to believe the Associated Press before you. But you can believe that I will check out and verify this because I have been a donor to the American Red Cross since I was in the US Army 26 years ago. Have a nice day!
Red Cross officials manned first aid stations near the local courthouse and had water and snacks available. Portable toilets and flashing street signs to aid in traffic direction were in place. At the courthouse, troopers chatted amiably with each other and with demonstrators who began showing up well before dawn.
Red Cross officials manned first aid stations near the local courthouse and had water and snacks available. Portable toilets and flashing street signs to aid in traffic direction were in place. At the courthouse, troopers chatted amiably with each other and with demonstrators who began showing up well before dawn.,,-6936314,00.html
Here’s another article with the red cross information. It’s near the bottom of the article. answers:

You would have thought a person would have shut up after looking like a fool for all the crap he said about the duke lacross players and then having the allegations almost undeniably proven to be completely false

and to the people contesting that, youre right… It doesnt say anything about the redcross in there. I read the article earlier and i know the author is telling the truth, that was in there apparently it got pulled from the article. I wonder if the red cross didnt like the publicity

Lizzie asks…

Why is the news media not covering the john sanderson murder by 3 black males?

john sanderson white male 21 unarmed was shot to death in his dorm on the campus of msu last night by 3 black males. answers:

Probably the same reason you don’t hear much about this

the media has a political agenda, a liberal one.

George asks…

Why would america prefer a black male president over a white female president?

It has been brought to my attention that the only reason whites in this country voted for Barack Obama is because they do not want Sarah Palin in office at all. Not even as vice president.

And that is fine. To each his own. But I am curious. Why do folks in America have a thing against female presidents? Talk to me. What do you think bad may happen if we had a female president? answers:

I could care less about skin color or gender. What i want is a president who has the country’s best interests as his/her first order of business. I do not want a president who is more concerned with his political party and agenda. If the agenda is ruining the country, the president needs to go.

Ken asks…

Do you think that the government has an agenda to divide people?

Does anyone else notice our country being divided between Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, Libertarians and Social Liberals, Obama lovers and Obama haters, Palin lovers and Palin haters, White and Black, Asian and Hispanic, male and female, young and old, religious and not religious, poor and rich, upper middle class and working middle class, etc? Do you think that the government and MSM have a “divide and conquer” agenda? answers:

There is an agenda alright but it goes way beyond our government and our two political parties. The power of money on a world level is the key to control of the world. Think about it – the more turmoil and fear, the more money is spent for the wrong causes that just so happen to be big investments for big international banks. And when someone gets a little too close to getting out of line like the Russians were with Venezuela, all of a sudden oil is below $50 bucks a barrel and Russia and Venezuela’s war games are over because they cannot sustain their military growth at $50 bucks per barrel. The powerful and rich world banks rule the world through money and all nations are puppets. When the world is busy with the turmoil of religion and failing economies, these guys are making money hand over fist. The scary thing is it is too late to stop it or do anything but hold onto your *ss for the ride.

Michael asks…

Why do liberals think the TEA party is racist organization?

It is my understanding that race is not a factor in their agenda, they have not demonstrated any acts of violence or words of hatred toward any race. So how can one say they are racist? They do not disagree with Obama because of his race, they disagree with his decisions affecting our country. answers:

Politics is not about the truth, it is not about meaningful debate or trying to understand the other’s position. It is about sound bites, smears, false accusations, and bits of information taken out of context in order to make people and opinions appear different than what they really are.

Although the TEA party demographics pretty much match those of the US – you will hear that they are made up of “Mostly White Males”. All you need to do in this country is put that fact next to the fact that we have a Black president whom they oppose, and “Racism” is the natural conclusion.

People are either too lazy or not smart enough to debate the real issues – and no one likes to lose an argument. Racism is a conversation-stopper, the “ace in the hole” for Obama supporters.

Of course, if you want to see pure, unadulterated racism you can view the youTube videos of Samir Shabazz in Philadelphia earlier this week, or you can read the History of Robert J. Byrd. No spin on either of these guys.

William asks…

How many employees does the IRS have?

Please state your source. I just saw a figure of 99,000 on a website that obviously has a political agenda, and the number seems too high. I checked the IRS website and couldn’t find a figure. answers:

A 2004 press release on put the number at 115,000. Why that number is higher than the one shown below, I don’t know.

A “Best Places to work” page on the web gave the following:

Workforce Size and Trends
Number of Employees in 2001: 93,993
Number of Employees in 2002: 92,212
Number of Employees in 2003: 89,704
Number of Employees in 2004: 90,604
Number of Employees in 2005: 87,722
Number of Employees in 2006: 86,585

Employees joined (2006): 6,533
Average joined (2002-2006): 7,047
Employees left (2006): 8,772

Female: 64.65%
Male: 35.35%

American Indian: 0.9%
Asian: 3.8%
Black: 23.9%
Hispanic: 8.3%
White: 63.1%
Disabled: 10.5%

Maria asks…

Along with being the Worst President in American History, what are the other contributions from Obama?

18% of Black Males now Unemployed and Obama throws an extravagant Hollywood Party for Arrogant Millionaires. You may like this garbage, but every one I know does not want this Jerk Off as President any longer. Why is coverage of the Chairman Obama orgy being covered up by Yahoo answers:

Why would anyone vote for Obama????

Let’s look at his record:
1. He refused to allow the prosecution of Black Panthers members in Philadelphia, who threatened voters in the election with knives and batons.

2. Obama bowed and apologized for the “behavior of the United States” to our enemies overseas on his “Apology Tour”.

3. Obama forced legislation of a health care bill, behind locked doors, in the middle of the night, against the wishes of 75% of Americans.

4. Obama’s administration allowed 2500 weapons to be let across the Mexican border, and into the hands of Mexican drug cartel members, resulting in the death of Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry and over 200 Mexican civilians. His AG is now being investigated by Congress where he has been proven more than once to be perjuring himself. “Operation Fast and Furious” was an attempt by Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Eric Holder to promote their anti-gun agenda, and it backfired.

5. Obama invested $500,000,000 in taxpayer money to Solyndra to promote his solar energy policy. The company immediately went bankrupt, and there has been no accounting of the taxpayer money.

6. During the Gulf Oil spill, Obama placed a moratorium on drilling for oil in the Gulf, putting thousands of people out of work. He has yet to remove that moratorium, and the region is suffering.

7. Obama sent U.S. Forces to bomb Libya, without declaration or approval by Congress, which he has no power to do under the U.S. Constitution.

8. Obama has practically ruined the coal industry with his policies, and regulations from the EPA.

9. Obama initiated a lawsuit against a U.S. State ( Arizona ) because they attempted to enforce U.S. Immigration policy. No President has ever attempted to sue a U.S. State!

10. Obama has appointed numerous radicals to his administration. Some of which are admitted Communists, such as Van Jones…one of Obama’s “czars”.

11. Obama nominated two Supreme Court justices who made claims to one ideology during their hearings, but ruled on cases in the opposite manner once appointed. That is perjury.

12. Obama has stonewalled a joint U.S.-Canadian oil pipeline which would give jobs to tens of thousands of people.

13. The Obama administration, under the guise of “national security” have pretty much eliminated the 5th Amendment to the Constitution by now allowing the military to arrest anyone, including U.S. Citizens, without warrant, charges, or due process of law. THAT is unconstitutional!

14. Obama has taken more corporate money than any other Presidential candidate, but then condemns any type of corporations or capitalism.

15. Obama has spent more money than any President combined in history. We’re now at $16.1 trillion dollars in debt, and rising higher! He is now calling for even another $1 trillion in debt ceiling raise.

16. During some of the countries most trying moments, Obama has been on vacation. He has played more than 90 rounds of golf, and has taken almost 80 vacations. In 3 years? Most people who work only get one major vacation per year, if they’re lucky.

17. Obama completely ignored the wild fires which burned for over a month in Texas. And he did not send Texas any help. But he did send assistance to fight wildfires in South America at that time!

18. Obama refused to allow new drilling for Americans in the Gulf of Mexico, but made a special trip to Brazil to congradulate them on their new wells in the Gulf, and offered to be “one of their first customers.”

19. Obama gave gifts and “hugs” to Hugo Chavez, one of the cruelest dictator thugs in Central America.

20. Obama smugly skipped the Boy Scout Jambouree in Virginia, which EVERY President has attended, so he could be a guest on the “View”. He sent a video instead, and the Boy Scouts booed him.

Mark asks…

Why is it that the democrats don’t care about the white male vote but they go?

after the black vote, the welfare vote and the homosexual vote with a vengeance? Are they trying to tell me something? answers:

Because, in the pandering towards these “groups”, liberals will make it the sole defining feature of these groups and create a “standard” by which all members of this group should act, those that do not are ostracized by the group.

It is about trying to get these groups to ignore everything else but the drummed-up “war on _____” that the liberals trot out every time they have no real accomplishments to talk about in order to try and blind these groups to the utter failure of the liberal philosophy.

That is: because Obama has failed in his agenda (even after 50% of the time in office was with a democrat-control Congress) he has nothing to talk about… So they drum up some non-controversy in order to get the idiots all roweled up about nothing so they will, like the slaves to liberalism they are, vote for their masters to keep them in the perpetual bondage of governmental socialized spending.

Thomas asks…

What happens to standards/an entire economy when Democrats force banks to make loans to unqualified minorities?

How does affirmative action–rewarding people based on ethnicity, gender, what have you, even when they fail to meet previously established standards of performance–affect the overall moral and economic health of a nation?

Before anyone tries to say that affirmative action and “diversity” agendas and schemes merely require for an otherwise equally qualified person to be hired, awarded a contract, admitted to a school, etc.–that’s utterly false. Affirmative Action and “Equal Opportunity” programs punish and deprive the qualified whites and non-disabled and heterosexual white males, so as to reward the lesser- or unqualified minorities and women.
Obama himself was one of the race-hustling shakedown artists hired as a lawyer for ACORN, that sued CITIBANK and forced them to make loans to minorities who didn’t meet normal lending standards. answers:

Let’s cap this blowout now by saying the economy is damaged in large part because Corporate America companies “grew” too fast than it realistically needed to, run by grossly unqualified CEO administrators and equally inept stock market traders. America simply made too many widgets than the domestic demand called for…..and we didn’t aggressively pursue overseas sales of our widgets. Making those stupid overseas stock market investments didn’t help much, either; we basically GAVE Europe the bulk of our U.S. Monetary wealth.

Good luck to Obama in trying to get that money back.

Ah….a plot hatched by Bush ( a silent partner in the scam ) to cause massive home foreclosures, so Democrats can approve Obama to hard ball force banks to give home loans to minorities–w/ juicy benefits given those people. Working Americans pick up the tab for the lesser fortunate—and Bush gets a discreet cut of the profits.

You know–as whacked out conspiracy theory as that sounds…..a part of it might hold some actual merit. By my insistence—Please….DO tag me as racist; I’m not, but I care less what YOU think of me…..but the logic DOES exist. And THAT IS unsettling ….

Allowing unqualified people—of ANY race–to pull out home mortgage loans is akin to pouring gasoline on a fire; it’s a key ingredient of this mess we’re now in.

Someone please tell me how giving home loans to blacks, mexicans, asians who work low wage jobs is going to save America and make the country stronger than ever before.

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