Maria asks…

What are 2 good female cat names?

I need 2 good female cat names! Not names like Kitty or Whiskers! answers:

Well theres lareado, mattaratzi larissa and lerana are some really cute ones

James asks…

My female cat has started being mean to my kitten?

I have 6 cats, and one of them is a 14 week old kitten (named Ava). I also have another female cat (named Sienna) and in the past week, Sienna has become quite mean to Ava. All of my other cats just adore Ava, but just suddenly Sienna has started chasing and attacking poor Ava.

Why is she doing this? answers:

She might be starting to see her as a rival instead of a baby. It will take time for them to readjust and determine which is dominant. After they work it out they should be ok again.

Linda asks…

Im thinking about getting a female cat for the house i have cats outside want one for the house?

I want a indoor female cat what are some female cat names that are cute? answers:

Thats too many cats

Robert asks…

How long does a Female cat’s heat last?

I own an unfixed female cat named Tina. She has been in heat for about a week now and hasn’t shown any signs of stopping. answers:

About a week or 2 but once they stop, they can go back into heat especially if there is a male cat around.

Donald asks…

some female cat names that rhyme with Callie?

I’m about to get a young female calico cat named Callie but i have noticed that almost EVERY calico is named Callie! I do want something rhyming so that she may adjust easier to the new name and recognize that she is being addressed, help? answers:

I second the person who said Sally. Sally would be a great name for a cat.

Sandy asks…

What is the best pair of complementing female cat names?

Just wondering about cat names as my aunt is getting two female kittens and we don’t know what to call them. Two ideas I have are Cinnamon and nutmeg and dandelion and burdock. PLEASE HELP 🙂 answers:

Lilly & Rose
Delilah & Magnolia
Prissy & Missy

Just a suggestion:))

Carol asks…

How do I get my cat to stop peeing in the house?

My cat keeps peeing in the house. It was litterbox trained but it seemed to forget. We have tried everything. The cat, Melvin, didnt before I got another female cat named Soxy. They share a litterbox. answers:

Give him his own litterbox, see if that helps. Is he neutered? Because he could just be showing off, marking his territory

Sandra asks…

How much should I feed my cat?

I just bought a 4-year-old female cat named Nellie from an animal shelter. She is currently 8 pounds and I want to keep it that way. How much should I feed her a day and how often?

PS- I am feeding her Meow Mix brand cat food and she loves it. I am not looking to change the brand either.

Thanks. answers:

You’ll need to find out how many calories are in the food.

How much should cats eat?
This varies. Average cats may eat between 20-30 calories per pound per day. But note that that is IDEAL pounds. Using 25 calories per day for example, an 8 pound cat could eat 200 calories per day. By the same token, a cat who weighs 20 pounds but should weigh 10 could eat 250 calories per day. You multiply the ideal weight by the calories to arrive at that figure. When working toward weight loss, it’s perhaps best to start at the lower end of the scale (20).

How often to feed depends on the cat. Until you know if your cat is an overeater, it’s best to set the amount for the day, then either put it all out at once or feed at set meal times if kitty is a gobbler. Free-feeding is the fastest way to obesity.

You can tune me out now, but I’m going to suggest you feed better. MM is an inferior brand of food. You can do much better. On top of that, dry food is not the best choice for any cat. It doesn’t clean their teeth. Canned is much better.

George asks…

What can I do to help my cat adjust to a new cat that I will be keeping for my friend?

I have a female cat named Marie. She is declawed and spayed. The cat that I am going to be keeping for my friend is a neutered male cat named Nacho. I know they will not get along at first but I was looking for ideas to help them adjust. answers:

I’m going to answer your question with another question which in all likelyhood will cause you to realize the answer to your question:

How do you get poopstains out of a cat? A particularly albino cat. And when I say particularly, I mean partially.

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