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the ultimate strip club list
“More than a list. It’s the evocation of a culture.”
May 22, 2011 • Vol. 18, No. 142

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Oasis • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

05/22/11 • Rating:
heeres • Stopped by after a Phillies game. The club was not busy at all with about 8 guys when I arrived, but did pick up by time I left. Dancers were ok in the looks department but friendly when they came around for tips…. [read more]

Police: Man found outside far East El Paso strip club with machetes

05/22/11 6:58 PM • Comments: 0
sinclair • A man was arrested on suspicion of wounding another man with a machete outside Jaguars Gold Club early Sunday, police said.

Police arrested Daniel Boushehri, 24, of the 8500 block of Viscount, after allegedly discovering two 27-inch machetes while responding to a stabbing at 12:36 a.m. outside the East El Paso strip club at 11377 Gateway West.

Officers said an unidentified 18-year-old … [read more]

Vegas Hot and Cold

05/13/11 12:00 AM • Comments: 3
looneylarry •
Years ago, I drove to Vegas on a big Western solo camping trip. Scenery in Colorado and Utah was fantastic. Camping in or near Vegas is limited, however. I had hours to kill so I went to the first SC I could find that I had heard of (in Playboy): Palomino in North Vegas.

COLD: Paid an outrageous cover … [read more]

Gallaghers 2000 • Long Island City, New York

05/22/11 • Rating:
leex164 • During the off-hours, a comfortable hang with cute/beautiful young chicks, an easily avoidable dollar parade and lots of elbow room. There was a nice mix of Russians and Latinas the Saturday night I went, around 6 p.m. And while the dancers were… [read more]

the gold Club in Wellford SC

05/22/11 6:05 PM • Comments: 3
bang69 • I’m planing on going to the glod club next to check it out. Any sugestion on when is a good time to go & what dancers to ask for [read more]

A Strip Club Primer For Women

05/12/11 12:00 AM • Comments: 3
m00tpoint •
“Gentleman’s Clubs” by nature contain a majority of male customers in the audience on any given night. However, if one looks closely, especially on weekends, a trend has been developing and more and more clubs are beginning to market to that trend – the couple as a customer. As an increasing number of women begin to visit this previously almost … [read more]

Gold Cup • Houston, Texas

05/22/11 • Rating:
missb0727 • I’ll start my review with the layout of the club. When you enter, you have to go through a metal detector, which kind of surprised me, but I’m always more than happy to be a little inconvenienced when it comes to safety. There was no… [read more]

Shave her clean or not?

05/22/11 2:44 PM • Comments: 24
oldCALIFORNIAguy • I visited my very first strip club about two years ago while on a business trip, and since I travel for business often, I go to clubs in different states and countries at least once a month. Obviously I’m an older guy so I most likely have a more traditional appreciation of the nude female than you younger fellas. … [read more]

Strip Club Tips for Couples

05/03/11 12:00 AM • Comments: 29
m00tpoint •
So, you wanna take your woman to a strip club? Part of you thinks it would be hot to be in a such an openly sexual place with the one with whom you do the nasty and part of your brain says, “Are you CRAZY???” Here’s how we, a middle-aged committed married couple with a non-Barbie doll (or stripper) built … [read more]

Lace 2001 • West Nyack, New York

05/22/11 • Rating:
snake_eyez • They let me in with no cover, said there was a 2 drink minimum but I don’t how that is enforced. I had only one drink and no one said anything. The bar is fairly nice, it is a large square with a stage inside… [read more]

Annoying Strip Club Practices – Part 1: “Wanna Buy the Lady a Drink?”

05/22/11 12:37 PM • Comments: 19
Club_Goer • As much as I enjoy going to strip clubs, there are some things about how they operate that are truly annoying to customers and dancers. I could probably write a book on this subject. Some are management/ownership-imposed practices. Others are simply how the dancers conduct themselves. In a comment to another discussion item, I reminded myself of how … [read more]

Sugar Daddy Dating versus Outside-The-Club Strip Club Relationship

05/03/11 12:00 AM • Comments: 13
sucker4ladies •
At first blush, going to a strip club with the express purpose of finding an Outside-The-Club (hereafter referred to as “OTC”) playmate, appears to be identical to the phenomenon of Sugar Daddy dating. However, this is not the case. In fact in all but the rarest of cases, the OTC relationship is far superior for both parties.

A Sugar … [read more]

Top Ten Lists

Top Overall Strip Clubs

1. Adelita Bar • Tijuana, Mexico
2. Hong Kong • Tijuana, Mexico
3. Hollywood Show Club • Washington Park, Illinois
4. Mons Venus • Tampa, Florida
5. Brad’s Brass Flamingo • Indianapolis, Indiana
6. Inner Room Cabaret • Cocoa Beach, Florida
7. Cannonball Cabaret • Brampton, Ontario
8. Tootsie’s Cabaret • Miami, Florida
9. Perfect 10 Men’s Club • Austin, Texas
10. Bourbon Street Circus • Phoenix, Arizona

more top ranked clubs…

Best Dancer Quality

1. Mons Venus • Tampa, Florida
2. Solid Gold • Oakland Park, Florida
3. Beamers • Stamford, Connecticut
4. Spearmint Rhino • Las Vegas, Nevada
5. Bourbon Street Circus • Phoenix, Arizona
6. Titillations • Bloomfield, New Jersey
7. Flashdancers • New York City, New York
8. Cannonball Cabaret • Brampton, Ontario
9. Cheetah • Atlanta, Georgia
10. Perfect 10 Men’s Club • Austin, Texas

more top dancer clubs…

Best Dollar Value

1. Adelita Bar • Tijuana, Mexico
2. Inner Room Cabaret • Cocoa Beach, Florida
3. Hong Kong • Tijuana, Mexico
4. Partners Tavern • Erie, Pennsylvania
5. Hip Hugger • Kokomo, Indiana
6. Brad’s Brass Flamingo • Indianapolis, Indiana
7. Paradise Saloon • Lawrence, Kansas
8. Fantasia • Huntsville, Alabama
9. Emperors Gentlemans Club (Extasy) • Holiday, Florida
10. Pleasant Moments • Bridgeport, Connecticut

more top value clubs…

Best Physical Club

1. Hong Kong • Tijuana, Mexico
2. Adelita Bar • Tijuana, Mexico
3. Tootsie’s Cabaret • Miami, Florida
4. The Penthouse Club • Detroit, Michigan
5. Christies Cabaret • Cleveland, Ohio
6. Hollywood Show Club • Washington Park, Illinois
7. Scarlett’s Cabaret • Hallandale, Florida
8. The Penthouse Club • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
9. Platinum Plus • Lexington, Kentucky
10. Sundowner • Niagara Falls, Ontario

more top physical clubs…

Top Destinations
•Las Vegas, Nevada
•Houston, Texas
•Dallas, Texas
•Tampa, Florida
•Atlanta, Georgia
•Baltimore, Maryland
•Tijuana, Mexico
•Detroit, Michigan
•Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
•Columbia, South Carolina

Top Vegas Clubs
•Little Darlings
•Spearmint Rhino
•OG (Olympic Garden)
•Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club
•Talk of the Town
•Crazy Horse III
•Deja Vu Showgirls

Worldwide Clubs
• United States
• Canada
•Australia / South Pacific
•Central America
•Middle East
•South America

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