Washington D.c. Black Male Strippers

Washington D.C. Black Male Strippers

Washington D.C. Black  Male Strippers for hire from Baltimore to VA. Get top Washington DC black male strippers for private parties here.



Stripper Gods has the hottest Washington D.C. black male strippers for any private occassion. Stay home and let us bring the best black male strippers in Washington D.C. to you. Stripper Gods entertainers will perform a personalised costumed routine which is very interactive for your guest of honor before starting their floor show involving your guests.

If you have any special requests you may let the entertainer know before he begins. Our Washington D.C. male strippers are very experienced and can adjust their act to any crowd’s comfort level. Don’t hesitate to make a free reservation. We get booked in advance from 1 week prior to 3 months prior. Contact us today.









Helen asks…

What should we do for a bachelorette party?

We are getting a suite at a 5 star hotel for my sisters party and we are not getting any strippers. What should we do? We know were going to the club but what else is there to do?

dancer.strippergods@yahoo.com answers:

There is lots you can do. (Not sure if you can drink – so included different options.

You can do a who knows the bachelorette game where you ask questions about the bride to be.

You could make a trivia game from movie love quotes, naming drinks, here are some printable games. Http://partygameideas.com/bachelorette-party/

Do something silly and fun like Karaoke, Funny Photo Scavenger Hunt, Play Comedy Improv Game of go to an open mike night

Do a Girsl Spa Night
Tell stories and do each others nails, have facials (buy at store), hang out by the pool, etc… Watch a romantic comedy, take cosmo quizes or play bride trivia games

Or a little more naughty
Like Pass the Vibrator

Or Private Parts Relay, Decorate the Man’s Private Parts and there are more here http://www.partygameideas.com/bachelorette-party/mens_games.php

Have fun with your party

Linda asks…

Ladies what did you do for your bachelorette party?

I know you don’t have to have a party with strippers so what else can you do? Suggestions plz.

dancer.strippergods@yahoo.com answers:

There is a lot you can do.

Silly, Fun
Karaoke, Funny Photo Scavenger Hunt, Play Comedy Improv Game of go to an open mike night

Tell stories and do each others nails, have facials (buy at store), hang out by the pool, etc… Watch a romantic comedy, take cosmo quizes or play bride trivia games

And if your at home get to know the bachlorette game or bachelorette bingo, you can always play I Never, or pen and paper games like Name that Drink, Alcohol A- Z. These are here.

If going out you can do Drink If, Scavenger Hunts, Suck for a Buck tees, there are various Dare Games too

Strippers can be fun or really embarrassing, but you don’t need one to have a good time.


Sharon asks…

What have online quizzes taught you about yourself?

I’m apparently a lesbian.

dancer.strippergods@yahoo.com answers:

If I were a muffin, I’d be a cranberry walnut one. My stripper name is Fantasia Sweet Thighs. I can tell the difference between Ben and Jerry’s graveyarded flavors and actual band names 80% of the time.

James asks…

funny, clever question game to figure out ring size?

you know those gay games- how to figure out your stripper name using the first street you lived on and first pets name… trying to figure out my friends ring size without her knowing, and i do not live local. 🙁 anyone know of a stupid game like this that involves ring size? or is smart enough to make on up lol

dancer.strippergods@yahoo.com answers:

Do a get to know you quiz and have that as one of the questions.

Lizzie asks…

What’s your stripper name quiz?

A. Follow the instructions to find your new name.

B. Once you have your new name, put it in the Subject box and forward it to friends and family and co-workers. Don’t forget to forward it back to the person who sent it to you, so they know you participated.

1. Use the third letter of your first name to determine your new first name:
a = Chesty
b = Fantasia
c = Starr
d = Diamond
e = Montana
f = Angel
g = Sugar
h = Mimi
i = Lola
j =Kitty
k = Roxie
l = Dallas
m = Princess
n = Heidi
o = Bambi
p= Bunny
q = Brandy
r = Sugar
s = Candy
t = Raquelle
u = Sapphire
v = Cinnamon
w = Blaze
x = Trixie
y = Isis
z = Jade

2. Use the second letter of your last name to determine the first half of your new last name:
a = Leather
b = Dream
c = Sunny
d = Deep
e = Heaven
f = Tight
g = Shimmer
h = Velvet
i = Lusty
j = Harley
k = Passion
l = Dazzle
m = Dixon
n = Spank
o = Glitter
p = Razor
q = Meadow
r = Glitz
s = Sparkle
t = Sweet
u = Silver
v = Tickle
w = Cherry
x = Hard
y = Night
z = Amber

3. Use the third letter of your last name to determine the second half of your new last name:
a = hooter
b = horn
c =tower
d = fire
e = thighs
f = hips
g = side
h = jugs
i = shock
j = cocker
k = brook
l = tush
m = sizzle
n = ridge
o = kiss
p = bomb
q = cream
r = thong
s = heat
t = whip
u = cheeks
v = rock
w = hiney
x = button
y = lick
z = juice

P.S. mines Lola Heavenridge ;P

dancer.strippergods@yahoo.com answers:

Sugar Glittertush
what tha FFFF xDDDDD that’s so funny xD
Hi, I’m Sugar Flittertush. How are YOU doing *Joey Tribianni style*

Mark asks…

need advice , my 8 th grader was on computer at school,durring( career ed)and did some quiz to find out your?

Stripper name, she was excited to tell me the story,and her name Essence. anyway Im angry that this kind of thing is allowed,there have been some other things she has told me that is done on school computers I dont think should be allowed.This was her CAREER ED class too,Does the school somehow moniter,or block such things? it apears that her school dont,I want advice please on how to handle situation. Thanks

dancer.strippergods@yahoo.com answers:

Please write a letter of complaint to your school principal. We all know how easy it is to inadvertently end up with inappropriate/unwanted adult material BUT we need to do everything we can to block this at the school level. The school probably has some sort of blocks in place – they need to know that they are not working. Ask then why this happened and what they are going to do to stop this from happening in the future.

Finally, explain to your child that they need to be internet savvy- just like you do. It is almost impossible to ensure that your child will not come across inappropriate material- they need to know how to deal with it. Don’t forget, adult content is only one part of the material you might want to teach your child to be discerning about. He/she also needs to recognise sites that promote beliefs about gender, race, religion…. That you may consider to be biased or inappropriate.

Chris asks…

Are there any good additions i can put on my facebook profile to make it look good??

dancer.strippergods@yahoo.com answers:

Answer a lot of different quizzes like personality what fruit are you what fragrance are you how evil are you what modd are you in most what color is your heart what song are you what type of guy/girl is for you who is your celebrity match what weapon are you how creative are you what is your stripper name what kind of hair best suits you what kind of chocolate would you be what rainbow color are you which singer are you how annoying are you which beatle are you are you wierd what type of person attracts you which disney princess are you what is your best quality n much more

or you can add applications such as the new bumper sticker have you ever kick ups thinking of you my aquarium name analyzer nicest friends stractch n win big photo send cupcakes four in a row addicted to firends n much more!!!!

Hope this helps!!! 🙂

Jenny asks…

where can i find this thing?

those little myspace things where its like what your stereotype you are and what your stripper name is that kind of thingg

dancer.strippergods@yahoo.com answers:

Go to google.com and type in myspace quizzes

Mandy asks…

Stupid question about posting FaceBook apps on our walls…?

My boyfriend posts things on his FaceBook wall like hugs and hearts from other women – and last week he posted the answers to this quiz “what’s your stripper name“..I TRIED not to take it seriously, as they’re only apps and I tried to laugh it off even though it shows what a man tramp he is.
Today he saw MY wall and my only revealing post was the “what’s your sexual position” app. He got his shorts in a wad over it asking “are you done posting things about your favorite sexual position?”
It seems like a doulble standard…HE can post things from other women and dumb stripper apps on his wall, but I can’t put anthing sexual on MINE??? This isn’t just about Face Book, it seems like he is OK with himself being flaunty, but I can’t be…Does that seem right?

dancer.strippergods@yahoo.com answers:

You two need to sit down and discuss what is allowed in your relationship and what isn’t. The rules need to be the same for both of you.

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